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Managing a Strategic Approach to Health Care IT Quality
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Susan Peiffer, Chair of ASQ's Healthcare Division

Ben Franklin once said “When you're finished changing, you're finished” and that’s certainly applicable in the world of healthcare technology where constant change and innovations have led to significantly improved care...

Psyche Joins Hand with tevixMD to Smoothen Patient Verification
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MILFORD, MA: Real-time, nationwide connectivity to thousands of government and private payers allows the staff to verify eligibility prior to service without time-consuming phone calls or multiple visits to payer websites. Verification of...

Iatric's Analytics on Demand Promotes Value-Based Care
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BOXFORD, MA: Healthcare industry is rapidly transiting from Fee-for-Service model (volume-based) to Value-based reimbursement (worth-based). For effective management of the performance drivers like Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR), Outpatient...

Big Data Challenges? Follow the Metrics
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Jessica Lan, Healthcare Expert, PA Consulting Group

Instead of the traditional path of Big Data programs leading to insightful metrics in healthcare, use insightful metrics to lead Big Data programs. The promises of Big Data initiatives and the value they can bring to a healthcare organization...

CellTrak Dole Out New Features for its Mobile Health Solution
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FREMONT, CA: CellTrak, a provider of integrated mobile health care and service delivery solutions, announces the latest CellTrak Mobile Health Solution with real-time clinical and operational alerts to improve patients care. CellTrak Mobile...

Apple and Google Introduce Platforms to Enhance Healthcare Research
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FREMONT, CA: In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, both Google and Apple have introduced platforms for their respective users to track their health and fitness, reports Joseph Farell for The Huffington Post. While Apple introduces ResearchKit-...

Getting EMR Back in the Fast Lane
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Kristin Ficery, MD, Accenture

Restrained by a maturing U.S. market and countries that are still in economic recovery, growth has and may continue to remain slow for the global market for Electronic Health Records (EHR). As such, innovative solutions will be crucial in a...

PAR Excellence Systems: 'Smart' Inventories Keep Caregivers Focused on Care
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Thad Mac Krell, CEO

PAR Excellence Systems provides an innovative weight-based inventory management system for healthcare faculties. The innovator in the point-of-use industry, PAR Excellence Systems aims to deliver affordable and innovative solutions to help the...

KanTime: A Better EMR Solution
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Sundar Kannan, CEO

Offers cloud-based agency management software that improves compliance and business processes of home healthcare agencies and hospice

CareCloud: A Comprehensive Platform for Healthcare
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Ken Comée, CEO

Renders an integrated platform to aid its clients in managing their clinical, financial and patient experience

ARC Document Solutions [NYSE: ARC]: Mobile Innovation: A Smooth Sail through Compliance
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Jake Young, National Director - Facility Solutions

ARC Compliance provides instant access to critical facilities information needed by healthcare organizations–anytime, anywhere, from any device

Dental Intelligence: Accelerating Growth in Dental Practices
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Weston Lunsford, CEO

Company uses actionable metrics to help dental practices improve patient care, team collaboration, and profitability

BEGO: At the Vanguard of Digital Dental Technology
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Axel Klarmeyer, President and Frederick Horstkotte, COO, BEGO USA

BEGO provides dental labs with Varseo S, a unique 3-D printing system, that delivers flexible, accurate, and cost-effective dental fabrication and restoration

GEMMS: The Complete EHR Solution for Cardiologists
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Rodger Pinto, Co-Founder, President & CEO

Offers a complete interoperable and integrated application for EHR and Revenue Cycle Management and is launching an innovative remote patient management platform

Exdion: The Digital Transformation Experts
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L.S Ram, Founder

A healthcare transformation company that optimizes RCM through state-of-the-art solutions based on AI, ML, cloud, analytics, and mobility

Doctella: Democratizing Remote Monitoring
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Amer Haider, Co-Founder & CEO

Doctella, the patient monitroing solution company, offers a feature-rich, end-to-end application for medical practitioners to provide cloud-based RPM services to patients. The Doctella app is intuitive, interactive, secure, and HIPAA-compliant....

InfoBionic: Setting a New Benchmark in Ambulatory Patient Monitoring
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Stuart Long, CEO

InfoBionic, the patient monitoring solution company, offers medical devices, remote patient monitoring devices, SaaS, Cardiac Monitoring, and Cloud-based Technology. InfoBionic enables physicians in cardiac arrhythmia detection and...

VisionTree Software: A Digital Overhaul of Patient Reported Outcomes
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Sheena Gagh, Sr. Account Manager, Braxton Jett, Territory Manager and Martin Pellinat, Founder & CEO

VisionTree is a leader in cloud-based, patient-centric data collection, and health management solutions. VisionTree's patented line of technologies deliver increased productivity and improved workflow processes through integrated electronic...

Surgio: The Force Multiplier for Optimized Inventory
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Kevin McGann, CEO

Surgio is a leading operating room management solution provider that serves as Client Relationship Manager (CRM) for hospitals and surgeons, keeps track of all contracts-related information and procedures, and saves time. The company offers a case...

Vizient, Inc.: The Healthcare Supply Chain Optimizers
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Stephen Burks, Sr. Director, Supply Chain Analytics and Dwain McFarland, Associate Vice President, Supply Chain Analytics

Vizient Savings Actualyzer is an integrated opportunity engine, which is connected to a dynamic, single data source to give a repeatable, reliable, and flexible framework

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