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Transitioning from Projects to Products to Meet Analytics Demand
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Joseph Dudas, Division Chair, Enterprise Analytics, Mayo Clinic

What are the challenges today? Big data and analytics are the marketing and sales buzzwords of the day but many have been working in this space for years and would claim that nothing is new. This is both true and false at the same time mainly...

Managing a Strategic Approach to Health Care IT Quality
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Susan Peiffer, Chair of ASQ's Healthcare Division

Ben Franklin once said “When you're finished changing, you're finished” and that’s certainly applicable in the world of healthcare technology where constant change and innovations have led to significantly improved care...

Psyche Joins Hand with tevixMD to Smoothen Patient Verification
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MILFORD, MA: Real-time, nationwide connectivity to thousands of government and private payers allows the staff to verify eligibility prior to service without time-consuming phone calls or multiple visits to payer websites. Verification of...

Iatric's Analytics on Demand Promotes Value-Based Care
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BOXFORD, MA: Healthcare industry is rapidly transiting from Fee-for-Service model (volume-based) to Value-based reimbursement (worth-based). For effective management of the performance drivers like Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR), Outpatient...

Big Data Challenges? Follow the Metrics
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Jessica Lan, Healthcare Expert, PA Consulting Group

Instead of the traditional path of Big Data programs leading to insightful metrics in healthcare, use insightful metrics to lead Big Data programs. The promises of Big Data initiatives and the value they can bring to a healthcare organization...

Getting EMR Back in the Fast Lane
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Kristin Ficery, MD, Accenture

Restrained by a maturing U.S. market and countries that are still in economic recovery, growth has and may continue to remain slow for the global market for Electronic Health Records (EHR). As such, innovative solutions will be crucial in a...

Trajectory: Building Brands Out of Businesses
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Eric Brody, Co-President and Brand Leader

Trajectory is a branding and marketing agency, changing the path of brands and businesses across healthcare and wellness. The company's clients span four inter-related segments – health systems and hospitals, physician and medical practices,...

Evariant: Transforming Traditional Healthcare Marketing into Profit Center
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Clay Ritchey, CEO

Evariant is a trusted advisor to leading healthcare systems, representing over 1000 hospitals across the U.S. The company's only Patients for Life Platform, allows providers to optimize growth via smarter patient acquisition and retention....

Coffey Communications: Creative Services that Inspire Action
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Alan Coffey, CEO

Coffey Communications is a pioneering provider of content marketing for healthcare marketing firm with deep industry expertise. The company helps hospitals, health insurance, and health systems companies grow their brands, their reach, and their...

Daniel Brian Advertising: Healthcare Marketing Powered by Emotional Intelligence
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Dan Cobb, CEO

Daniel Brian Advertising (DBA) is a data-driven marketing agency specializing in healthcare. Trademarking the term, ‘irrational advocacy,’ DBA employs emotional intelligence into their patient relationship marketing for clients. The agency...

Healthgrades: Creating Meaningful Connections Between Patients and Caregivers
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Jon Barlow, Senior VP for Omnichannel Services and Operations

Healthgrades fosters stronger and more meaningful connections between patients and their healthcare providers and at the same time provides technology solutions, predictive data models, and strategic marketing consultancy to help health system...

Healthgrades: Creating Meaningful Connections between Patients and Caregivers
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Jon Barlow, Senior VP for Omnichannel Services and Operations

Healthgrades for Health Systems – helping health systems engage new patients and make meaningful connections that last

Eldermark: The Battle-Ready Senior Housing Software
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Mark Anderson, Senior VP

For over 25 years, Eldermark Software company has provided an all-in-one senior housing software platform developed by experts and designed specifically to meet the needs of senior housing providers. The company's fully integrated platform...

Empirian Health: Trailblazing LTC Pharmacy Management
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Shannon G. Speir, President & CEO

Empirian Health is a pharmacy management company that is a proven leader in controlling costs while improving patient care

PAR Excellence Systems: 'Smart' Inventories Keep Caregivers Focused on Care
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Thad Mac Krell, CEO

PAR Excellence Systems provides an innovative weight-based inventory management system for healthcare faculties. The innovator in the point-of-use industry, PAR Excellence Systems aims to deliver affordable and innovative solutions to help the...

KanTime: A Better EMR Solution
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Sundar Kannan, CEO

Offers cloud-based agency management software that improves compliance and business processes of home healthcare agencies and hospice

CareCloud: A Comprehensive Platform for Healthcare
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Ken Comée, CEO

Renders an integrated platform to aid its clients in managing their clinical, financial and patient experience

BEGO: At the Vanguard of Digital Dental Technology
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Axel Klarmeyer, President and Frederick Horstkotte, COO, BEGO USA

BEGO provides dental labs with Varseo S, a unique 3-D printing system, that delivers flexible, accurate, and cost-effective dental fabrication and restoration

GEMMS: The Complete EHR Solution for Cardiologists
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Rodger Pinto, Co-Founder, President & CEO

Offers a complete interoperable and integrated application for EHR and Revenue Cycle Management and is launching an innovative remote patient management platform

Exdion: The Digital Transformation Experts
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L.S Ram, Founder

A healthcare transformation company that optimizes RCM through state-of-the-art solutions based on AI, ML, cloud, analytics, and mobility