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DaVincian Utilizes OnRamp's Solution to Ensure HIPAA Compliance
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FREMONT, CA: Healthcare industry generates enormous sensitive data which need to be protected in an extremely secure location. Addressing this challenge, OnRamp, a data center operations company, releases the addition of DaVincian Healthcare as...

Vaporstream: Secure Communications for Next-Gen Business
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Galina Datskovsky, CEO

Provider of secure and compliant messaging, and is recognized for its patented ephemeral messaging platform

PWeR®: Leading Transformational Healthcare
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Noel J. Guillama, President

Provides a full health information system that enhances the quality of care and wellness of patients

CynergisTek, Inc.: Strategic Consulting for Healthcare Compliance
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Mac McMillan, President & CEO

CynergisTek is a cybersecurity firm dedicated to serving the information assurance needs of the healthcare industry. CynergisTek offers specialized services and solutions to help organizations achieve privacy, security, compliance, and document...

InfoBionic: Setting a New Benchmark in Ambulatory Patient Monitoring
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Stuart Long, CEO

InfoBionic, the patient monitoring solution company, offers medical devices, remote patient monitoring devices, SaaS, Cardiac Monitoring, and Cloud-based Technology. InfoBionic enables physicians in cardiac arrhythmia detection and...

POMIET Health: Streamlining Healthcare System Workflow
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Stacy Sheldon, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

POMIET Health specializes in designing and building health IT systems that improve efficiency and engagement

VisionTree Software: A Digital Overhaul of Patient Reported Outcomes
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Sheena Gagh, Sr. Account Manager, Braxton Jett, Territory Manager and Martin Pellinat, Founder & CEO

VisionTree is a leader in cloud-based, patient-centric data collection, and health management solutions. VisionTree's patented line of technologies deliver increased productivity and improved workflow processes through integrated electronic...

Kairoi Health: Understanding, Predicting, and Reducing Appointment No-Shows
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Dr. John Golenski, CEO & Co-Founder

Kairoi Health is a medical technology company that is commercializing a breakthrough innovation for analyzing and optimizing scheduling in healthcare organizations. It is a healthcare analytics solution provider that offers a software as a service...

Viewics: Driving the Healthcare Ecosystem from Data to Decisions
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Keith Laughman, General Manager

Viewics is one of the foremost healthcare analytics solution providers that deliver a range of solutions which enable healthcare organizations to realize their measurable operational value. The company provides an end-to-end laboratory platform...

MyTelemedicine: Providing Affordable and Accessible Healthcare
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Rey Colon, CEO

Provides secure and HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform that enables healthcare providers to consult with patients remotely, via telephone and video technology

Surgio: The Force Multiplier for Optimized Inventory
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Kevin McGann, CEO

Surgio is a leading operating room management solution provider that serves as Client Relationship Manager (CRM) for hospitals and surgeons, keeps track of all contracts-related information and procedures, and saves time. The company offers a case...

ADEO: Seamless Workflow with Less Staff
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Susan Cheek, CEO

ADEO provides a software solution that automates the routine tasks of the administrative staff such as patient notification, patient responsibility, and automated insurance verification. Although information technology is the fastest growing...

Global Telehealth Services: Improving Patient Outcomes Through Virtual Health
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Michael Miller, CEO

VirtualHealth is a technology agnostic middleware platform providing real-time, actionable data, patient health monitoring, and virtual visits customized with health modules designed to create better patient health outcomes...

Conversa - New Frontier: Automating Healthcare Conversations
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West Shell III, Chairman, Co-Founder & CEO

Enables healthcare providers to offer clinically-intelligent conversations and delivers smart, automated patient engagement and experiences

Commvault [NASDAQ: CVLT]: Accelerating Data-Driven Healthcare
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N. Robert Hammer, President, Chairman & CEO

Helping healthcare organizations worldwide handle massive volumes of data, meet compliance requirements and deliver quality patient care

AVEC Health Solutions: Augmenting Revenue Opportunities, Enhancing Patient Care
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John Evensen, COO & founder and Simon Hughes, CEO & founder

Renders end-to-end healthcare services to effectively manage coding, billing, and AR follow up in rural, community hospitals

CrisSoft, LLC: Comprehensive Medical Billing Software
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Paul Criswell, Principal

Providing a comprehensive solution to a backend billing system with full import/ export HL7 and proprietary integration

CynergisTek: Strategic Consulting for Healthcare Compliance
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Mac McMillan, President

Provides an array of specialized consulting services that help healthcare organizations achieve their privacy, security, compliance, and document output goals

eData Platform: Breaking Down the Barriers of Legacy Systems
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Nathan Rozenfeld, CTO

Provider of cloud based EHR management solution that eliminates siloed approach and vendor dependency

Cota Healthcare: Cataloging Disease Attributes
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John Hervey, CEO

Provides analytics services to stratify healthcare data and create digital patient records based on their attributes

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