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Integrated Health Care Delivery Systems
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Daniel Barchi, CIO, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Q1.Given your experience as the CIO of a leading healthcare establishment, what are the technological trends and challenges that you’ve witnessed happening in healthcare? We have seen a move away from best of breed choices to...

Should We Really Point the Finger at Technology for Patient Care Challenges?
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Sheri Stoltenberg, Founder & CEO, Stoltenberg Consulting

As patient expectations evolve, today’s healthcare providers must also adjust in order to meet consumer demands along with government mandates and reimbursement requirements. Yet still, many clinicians struggle with providing desired patient...

How to Leverage Virtual Care to Improve Health System Agility
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Ralph C. Derrickson, CEO, Carena

The opportunity to use technology, virtual care delivery, in particular, to help address the market challenges of increasing consumerization and the accelerating shift toward value-based care creates enormous potential for health systems who...

Telehealth: Tomorrow's Breakthrough Challenged by Today's Problems
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Victor Camlek, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Telehealth, sometimes referred to as telemedicine, is a combination of telecommunications services combined with advanced medical device technology and cloud-based platforms used to deliver healthcare to patients not in the same physical...

Exploring the Telemedicine Landscape
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David Danhauer, System VP/CMIO, Owensboro Health

Patients battling ailments of all kind, require access to quality healthcare. This is even more important in the case of high-risk diseases like Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) or chronic behavioral health issues, wherein failure to administer care...

Future Trends in TeleHealth
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Lynn Gibson, VP/CTO, CHRISTUS Health

Telehealth and telemedicine have been in the active discussion of future trends in healthcare for many years. With the growing change in governmental support, technology, and societal demand for convenience, we continue to see a growing...

Technology: Bringing Paradigm Shifts in Healthcare Treatment
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Michelle Woodley, RN, MSN, Chief Nursing Information Officer, St. Joseph Health

Today, the roles of CIO and CNIO are witnessing a great transformation. Interpreting and bridging the chasm between the needs of the patients and technology offerings have become basic requisites for a CNIO. At St. Joseph Health, we apply our deep...

Is the Sleep Lab Obsolete? Telehealth and the Future of Sleep Medicine
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Joseph Krainin, President & Founder, Singular Sleep

The "diffusion of innovation" theory holds that there are five stages to the adoption of new technology that conform to a bell-shaped curve as seen below. There is abundant evidence to suggest that, nationally, telemedicine is moving...

Telehealth: The Future is Today
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Jeffrey H. Sopp, CEO, PRIVIT

Telehealth can be as simple as two healthcare professionals discussing a case, to a high tech robotic surgery happening between two facilities. Regardless, telehealth leverages technology to provide health-related services and information...

Reaching Out to Improve Rural Healthcare
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Mark Simon, Interim CIO, Benefis Health System

My first experience in rural healthcare was in 2010 as the CIO of the western region of Montana for Providence Health & Services. In this role, I was responsible for technology and services across all of Western Montana. "Getting more...

Telemedicine - Finally, the time is now
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Joseph G Seay, Former SVP & CIO, Community Health Systems

Telemedicine has been the “next big thing” for a very long time. Not only are the original paradigms: specialist consultations, second opinions and remote support bring deeply skilled or specialized care to the patient – rather...

The Healthcare Impacts of Recent Technology Trends
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Phyllis Teater, AVP & CIO, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

The explosion of technology trends has impacted all industries to a startling degree. In particular, the trends related to Mobility, Big Data, Cloud Solutions, and Networking seem to be ones that have the potential to change the way companies and...

EarlySense Home-Monitoring Predicts Hospital Readmission Risk for Heart Failure Patients - Study
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WALTHAM, MA: A study published in Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare has noted that EarlySense Home-Monitoring technology can predict effective hospital readmission risk for heart failure patients. The Researchers used a contactless...

NetMedical Xpress Advances in Telemedicine to Reduce Healthcare Disparities
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FREMONT, CA: Net Medical Xpress Solutions, a provider of telemedicine programs for diagnostic and clinical medical services, announces the release of new Telemed Building Blocks Technology that is designed mainly for healthcare providers to create...

MedZed: Bringing Healthcare to Homes
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Neil A. Solomon, Co-Founder & CMO

Partners with health insurers to provide next-generation house calls to individuals with chronic conditions by combining its mobile network of Care Providers with its proprietary telemedicine solution

MyTelemedicine: Providing Affordable and Accessible Healthcare
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Rey Colon, CEO

Provides secure and HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform that enables healthcare providers to consult with patients remotely, via telephone and video technology

meVisit: Ushering a New Telemedicine Era
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Ken Johnson, President & CEO, the AIMS Group

A mobile telemedicine platform designed by working clinicians for the clinicians, revolutionizing the way medical providers engage with their patients

GlobalMed: Telemedicine Technology through the Magnifying Glass
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Joel E. Barthelemy, Founder & CEO

A provider of telemedicine solutions including telemedicine stations, examination cameras, connected medical devices, video conferencing and software that allow for connected care and dynamic collaboration of healthcare professionals...

Intellivisit: Powering Exceptional Health Care Encounters
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Jeff Miller, CEO

Provides an AI powered system that intelligently connects people to the right care at the right time

ETIAM: Connecting Healthcare Professionals in Real-Time
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Eric Le Bihan, CEO

Allows health professionals to enrich, store, visualize and share the patient medical record within and outside the hospital, in real time

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