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Efficient Service Management Solutions can Streamline Healthcare IT Processes
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The effectiveness of healthcare operations mainly depends on the synergy between people, processes, and solutions. FREMONT, CA – Change management is vital in healthcare IT departments. However, when focusing on advanced issues,...

Anatomage Upgrades its Cloud Platform with One-Click Review Feature!
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The upgrade will promote enhanced collaboration between medical specialists, enabling them to review and exchange 3D DICOM volumetric data seamlessly. FREMONT, CA: 3D medical imaging technology has revolutionized the healthcare sector,...

Employee Healthcare Benefits Score More than Salaries, See How!
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Employee experience is becoming increasingly important. Companies can play to their strengths by providing flexible healthcare schemes that appeal to employees. FREMONT, CA: Recruitment and retention of top talents in any field depend on...

Mobile Device Security in Healthcare
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Most consumers today have smartphones or tablets that can carry out their necessary day-to-day tasks. However, special safety precautions need to be taken in the healthcare industry to ensure that data for the patient is protected according to the...

Is VDI the Next Trend for Healthcare Industry?
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In Healthcare, control and compliance have become more vital as the industry has moved rapidly from paper-based to electronic records leading to a rising need of remotely accessing health records. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is one such...

Advanced Data Analytics: A Roadmap towards Better Healthcare Solutions
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In recent years, healthcare systems are evolving to shift from manual processes to more digital workflows. Patients’ health histories are stored in online databases and retrieved at any place during a requirement to provide better medical...

Why are EHRs important for Tele-medicines?
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With the onset of online technologies in the medical industry, healthcare is seeing new possibilities knocking its door. From secure digital prescriptions to medical office software to advanced tele-medicines, the medical industry has come a long...

Finding the Right Balance between Technology and Patient Care
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The advent of patient care technologies is revolutionizing the ways nursing care is conceptualized and delivered. Traditionally, nurses would rely extensively on the senses of touch, smell and sight to gauge a patient’s medical condition....

Navigating Virtualization to Improve Patient Care
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Michael K. Giannopoulos, CTO, Atrius Health

As exorbitant amounts of data increasingly become available at physicians’ fingertips to improve patient care, healthcare organizations must develop thoughtful methods for managing how that data is stored. At Atrius Health we have developed...

The New Frontier for Healthcare Analytics
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Benson Hsu, VP, Data and Analytics, Sanford Health

Healthcare analytics is in its infancy. Most organizations lack a cohesive data strategy and even fewer have effectively integrated analytics into the care delivery process, with most using analytics in one-off projects. For the majority of...

Crowd Sourcing for Healthcare Innovation
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Benson Hsu, Vice President, Data and Analytics, Sanford Health

Healthcare delivery as a whole, with all its technological advances in patient care, has seemingly been inattentive in applying advanced analytics onto the endless amounts of data being collected. Historically, one could argue that healthcare...

Information Technology and the New Challenges of Healthcare
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Kris Zierolf, Director, IT Revenue Cycle, Renown Health

Government regulation, changing customer demand, and technological advances are redefining what it means to provide quality healthcare; and IT is being required to fill the dual role of customer service and steward of technology infrastructure. As...

Safeguarding Virtual Infrastructure: Snapshot, Backup or Replica
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Konstantin Komarov, CEO, Paragon Software Group

We get lots of questions about the necessity of backups with respect to virtual systems such as VMware virtual environments or ESXi hypervisors. The great number of existing technical terms on the topic and the equally great number of solution...

Leveraging Cold Cloud Storage for Unstructured Data Archives
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Chris Magyar, CIO, Seven10 Storage Software

Organizations are accumulating large and ever-growing repositories of unstructured data. Business and regulatory requirements mandate that such data remain accessible and protected from damage, loss or change (compliance). Storage replication and...

Growth and Application Delivery on a National Scale
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Mark Crandall, CIO, Consulate Health Care

Information technology is increasingly becoming the hub of business operations. It’s no different in the healthcare industry where IT has not only become a hub, but also a catalyst for care improvement. In fact, in the post-acute care sector...