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UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions: Driving Innovation in Medical Imaging and Data Management

Tori Benick, VP, Client Success, UltraLinq Healthcare SolutionsTori Benick, VP, Client Success, UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions
The era of information technology and digital communication has deeply entrenched the realm of healthcare with cloud-based PACS revolutionizing the accessibility and transferability of medical information. Despite this high growth trajectory, healthcare provision is an arduous journey plagued with the enormity of changes and challenges in access to quality and affordable care. This is precisely what UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions intends to change.

With a vision to help clinicians access their patient data anytime and anywhere so to provide quality care, UltraLinq is committed to empowering clients globally in the cardiology, vascular, and ultrasound imaging marketplace. “We provide our clients with best-in-class services every step of the way— from the first conversation with sales, to your implementation experience, and through to your Live Technical Services support and your Client Success champion. We offer 12- hour technical support and 24/7 support for emergencies to ensure a consistent, quality experience,” said Tori Benick, VP, Client Success, UltraLinq.

In an effort to assist cardiac, vascular, and ultrasound specialists in simplifying their workflow and providing quality care, UltraLinq and its highly-motivated team offer a robust cloud-based platform that delivers anytime-anywhere healthcare information accessibility and HIPAA compliant data storage. The company’s innovative platform provides cardiology, vascular, and ultrasound image management as a cloud-native and cloud-based Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). “UltraLinq was built in the cloud and continues to grow and develop within our cloud, offering automatic upgrades to all of our clients,” said Tori.

UltraLinq’s robust platform allows clients functionality to read, report, store, share and archive their medical imaging exams.

Determined to offer the best solution and data management experience at an affordable price point, UltraLinq tailors their cloud-based platform to best fit each client’s workflow through their robust library of reporting worksheets and a completely permission-based platform. “Read, report, finalize, and share your studies directly in our cloud by using the clinically-verified worksheet within our vast library that best fit your needs,” states Tori.

UltraLinq’s cloud-based PACS uses UpLinq, a small piece of software that’s installed on a local computer or IT network. UpLinq communicates with the imaging modality to seamlessly send your medical exams to their HIPAA-compliant cloud. Clients can then access their studies from anytime and anywhere with an internet connection to read their patient exams and enjoy quality features such as post-measurement tools, robust reporting functionality, and easy final report distribution. Working hand-in-hand with clients for nearly two decades, UltraLinq also offers built-in report customization, enabling clients to create and select custom presets for their patient reports with just a few clicks.

UltraLinq eliminates all the drawbacks of a traditional PACS system by offering a cost-effective platform focused on providing high-quality service, transparent pricing, and easy on-boarding. “We support our client every step of the way with round-the-clock emergency support and a 12-hour daily support that ensures the best-in-class service,” adds Tori.

Recently, the company engaged with a women’s health practice that needed a solution for granting their physician flexibility and accessibility, so to stop reading their patient exams directly off the ultrasound machine. After implementing UltraLinq’s cost-effective solution, the physicians now easily access and read their studies and improved the patient-care turnaround time. “We continue to work on improving our agility so to help our clients collaborate with each other and expedite progress in the healthcare industry,” says Tori.

In the near future, UltraLinq plans to further develop their DICOM capabilities and HTML5 viewer features. Their long-term plans include further empowering their clients through additional insights and advanced data analytics. The company also looks to expand its client-base outside the U.S. and the UK. “UltraLinq strives to further develop our robust platform to best support a wide spectrum of marketplace practices and stay ahead of the innovation curve,” concludes Tori.