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November 15, 2018

Healthcare Tech Outlook Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
The evolution of 3D technology is creating various miracles in medical imaging. The images obtained through 3D medical imaging provide accurate information.
By leveraging the data, from heartbeats and sugar levels to breathing patterns and distance walked, smart wearables serve as a basis for medical assistance.
Teleradiology is another process where radiographic images are transferred from one location to another to analyze the cause of the patient.
Featured Vendors
The company offers end-to-end imaging optimization for health systems to improve the quality and cost of care while optimizing patient and provider experience.
The company provides a suite of solutions for surgical planning, patient engagement and surgery skills training using groundbreaking virtual reality technology.
The company provides latest technology for personalized prostate cancer planning and management, from biopsy to active surveillance and targeted treatment.
CIO Viewpoint
Loretta Mann, CIO, Beverly Hospital
The past few years have been a whirlwind of new rules and regulations, placing endless demands on Hospital based Information Technology Departments.
Robert Davis, CIO, Arizona Care Network
It used to be that a company’s IT staff was holed up in a chilly room in the back of the office surrounded by scores of computers, servers and other equipment.
CXO Insights
By Kristin Myers, SVP-Technology, Mount Sinai Health System
Healthcare delivery strategy is moving towards a consumer journey which is interlinked with digital strategy and it starts with patient access.
By Lonnie Rae, Co-Founder & CEO, Medal and Mentor of Henkel
The goal of EMRs has always been for data to flow freely, regardless of the location of service, but the industry hasn’t yet made this possible.