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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Friday, November 15,2019

Feature of the Week

The instance is when IoT devices make things easy for healthcare professionals. The tools can not only collect and report the data but can also investigate them in real-time.  Read more
Current HIPAA guidelines need healthcare entities to give electronic medical records within 36 hours of the request, unlike the previous version with no time limit. What the rule implies is that cloud-based healthcare infrastructure is a must-  Read more
People with mild to moderate sleep apnoea come across daily fatigue and a reduced attention span from lack of sleep. The condition can also have more severe consequences; a few people have died from severe forms of the situation.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By James Freed, CIO, Health Education England  
It was only whilst we were in the presentation itself that I realized what we were doing. We were contributing to this language barrier.  Read more
By Michael Reagin, SVP, Chief Information & Innovation Officer, Sentara Healthcare  
The current healthcare landscape is a highly fragmented environment; it is complex, non-standard, and imperfect.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Nick Fitzgerald, President  
AuDSEO is a healthcare marketing consulting/services company that provides internet marketing services to hearing aid practitioners to have a successful online presence and find more patients on the web. The digital marketing agency offers...  Read more
By Dan Cobb, CEO  
Daniel Brian Advertising (DBA) is a data-driven marketing agency specializing in healthcare. Trademarking the term, ‘irrational advocacy,’ DBA employs emotional intelligence into their patient relationship marketing for clients. The agency...  Read more
By Clay Ritchey, CEO  
Evariant is a trusted advisor to leading healthcare systems, representing over 1000 hospitals across the U.S. The company's only Patients for Life Platform, allows providers to optimize growth via smarter patient acquisition and retention....  Read more

CXO Insights

By Lyn Falconio, CMO, Publicis Health [EPA: PUB]  
Content creators and engagement strategists for health are accelerating on all fronts towards relationship-driven content — specifically, creating invitational, collaborative, dynamic, two-way content that puts people and their needs first.  Read more
By Dennis S. Jolley, MPH, Med, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare  
Technology has revolutionized how people interact with each other and the companies from which we buy goods and services. Every major sector has been forced to reimagine how, where and when they deliver goods and services.  Read more