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Joy Leotsakos, Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Atrius Health

Keeping Pace with a Changing Healthcare Environment through Academic Detailing

Dr. Dirk Stanley, CMIO, UConn Health

The Power of the Electronic Medical Record

Kris Dudziak, Senior Manager Business Operations, HealthPartners

Technology Makes Good Happen in Home Care and Hospice

The HealthPartners Home Care Operations and Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) leadership teams reviewed and...

Ruth Krystopolski, SVP, Population Health, Atrium Health

How Changes in Electronic Health Records can Improve Population Health

In the era of value-based care, health systems are joining forces with IT and community partners to...

Mark Weisman, Chief Medical Information Officer, Peninsula Regional Medical Center

15 Population Health IT Tools Essential to Success

A well run Health Information Exchange (HIE) can be incredibly helpful, but doesn’t solve all our interoperability issues.

Technology Enables Patient Empowerment

Kristin H. Darby, Ex CIO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America®

Technology Enables Patient Empowerment

We are entering a time of dramatic transformation within medical care with a focus on technology. Every clinician I speak with expresses elevating needs and expectations for how technology will support them in care delivery.