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75Health (Kaaspro): Streamlining Patient Data Management

Kumar Subramaniam, Founder & CEO, 75Health KaasproKumar Subramaniam, Founder & CEO, 75Health Kaaspro
The idea to found Kaaspro, an EHR company, was conceived by Kumar Subramaniam when he accompanied his wife, a SLE patient, and had to carry a large number of paper reports between different specialists and labs. “Paper-based workflow is vulnerable to data loss and errors that might have serious consequences,” says Subramaniam, Founder and CEO, Kaaspro. He observed that digitalization of medical records eliminates manual errors while driving the ease-of-use and developed an EHR application—75Health. Having undergone consistent feature enhancements over time, 75Health has evolved as a complete EHR solution that mitigates errors and data security challenges concerning healthcare industry.

The digital documentation process enabled by 75Health provides both practitioners and patients with highly accurate and secure data. Additionally, the medical record stored in this intuitive EHR platform is analyzed and a warning is set-in in case of anomalies and allows result storage with the exact unit too.

“Cloud-based EHR application is the most preferred form of storage and access of the medical records,” informs Subramaniam. “With the ability to access and add information from any location, anytime, using mobile device, 75Health excels as the cloud-based EHR system.” Cloud architecture minimizes the burden of investing in hardware and upgrades, while facilitating data transfer and storage across the globe quickly with no room for data loss.

Subramaniam says that despite the ongoing technology advancements, medical professionals struggle to find critical health data when needed most as critical health information resides outside core applications. Practitioners yearn for a single and secure platform for all the information easily.

We are striding ahead relentlessly to build further applications on 75health that will assist doctors to deliver value-based care

For instance, a practitioner from South Africa requested 75Health feature that could allow them to have conversation with his patients and staff members. “We came up with an internal messaging module in which doctors can interact with fellow doctors and patients, alerts are also sent to inform when mes-sages are sent,” says Subramaniam. The solution provides capabilities such as smooth case discussion, referral, and inbuilt clinical intelligence with support for multiple devices. “We are planning to have document sharing done using the same messaging module.”

In an instance, a client approached Kaaspro for a communication and collaboration solution to ensure seamless interaction between the patient and the practitioner during emergency. “We came up with a video chat feature for 75Health that ensured facial interaction between the patient and the doctor even if they were miles apart from each other,” says Subramaniam. In another case, 75Health has risen up to address the need of a referral module that helps doctors to refer and be referred with all the procedure done internally while the entire process is well documented and the patient being provided with full updates.

“We are striding ahead relentlessly to build further applications on 75Health that will assist doctors to deliver value-based care,” says Subramaniam. The company is in the process of creating intelligence using all relevant past data of individuals, compiling them into regional and global database that will assist clinicians in all respects. “We are also addressing practitioners’ concerns of time requirement in managing EHR data by exclusively involving medical professionals in the design as well as implementation of our innovative 75Health EHR,” informs Subramaniam.

75Health with all its features is made available free of cost to the users, along with white labeling options. “In both white labeling and distributorship, we focus on providing region-specific features for the desired locations,” concludes Subramaniam.