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AAA Medical Billing Services: Disrupting the Billing World One Process at a Time

Venkata Nuli, CEO, AAA Medical Billing ServicesVenkata Nuli, CEO, AAA Medical Billing Services The inception of AAA Medical Billing Services is a rather interesting story. Two friends, Venkata Nuli and Deva Kumar, on a weekend get-together, discussed the healthcare industry over glasses of scotch. Coming from the IT and RCM fields respectively, the duo talked about healthcare RCM being highly complicated due to the industry’s fragmentation. The healthcare industry constantly faces varying regulations, an overwhelming number of billing codes, and unabated proliferation of treatment specializations. This unfavorably affects the quality, cost and outcome of healthcare. On the other hand, providers are trained to take care of patients and not healthcare RCM. The duo reckoned that providers need a trusted partner to take on the second half of their responsibility to make sure that providers get paid for their services, and this is what Nuli and Kumar exactly wanted to do—be a trusted partner. However, they faced a hurdle; the market was already replete with healthcare RCM, billing and coding solution providers. The friends looked at factors such as why a healthcare provider, even after having a solution partner, is still looking for outside billing assistance. This is due to the lack of value-added services that help providers better understand the revenue cycle aspect of things, the issues with payment reimbursement, and how these can be fixed—this very idea laid the founding stone of AAA Medical Billing Services.

AAA offers quality and detail oriented end-to-end RCM, medical billing and coding services with an emphasis on transparency, completeness and increasing efficiencies at the client place. The company reviews the RCM processes of clients and recommends/ implements the changes that enhance their payments and reduce the amount of revenue locked in the AR process. AAA often educates the office manager and their staff on the approaches to determine the health of the facility. AAA integrates technology with the clients’ core AR processes that are cost-efficient and failproof to increase their bottom line. The company’s solutions are retro-fitted to the unique needs of the clients, which improves collections.

With the increasing demand on providers and decreasing reimbursements, Nuli and Kumar understand the need for highly skilled medical billers in healthcare offices. To this end, AAA has a team of well-trained and experienced billing and coding experts that are credentialed and certified from reputable professional associations. “Our team knows how to code for the highest revenue and understands best billing practices that can help you avoid an audit. We are also better informed about important industry changes such as changes to the contracted rates, coding changes, HIPAA updates, and transition from ICD-9 to ICD- 10 disease classification series which can impact your revenue and operations,” remarks Kumar, Partner, AAA Medical Billing Services.

"We are a full-service billing partner. We are fast, accurate, and proactive, allowing you to devote more time to your patients and personal life"

“Our vision is to build our presence as a recognized medical billing service that is superior in customer service and quality. We believe in offering the most advanced solutions and services that deliver increased return on investment with fewer complications,” states Nuli, CEO, AAA Medical Billing Services. The company strives to provide clients with fast and accurate billing, follow up on collections, an information store for questions from stakeholders, a source of reports, and support for processing insurance claims and meeting complex compliance issues.

A Trusted Partner

“We are a full-service billing partner. We are fast, accurate, and proactive, allowing you to devote more time to your patients and personal life,” remarks Nuli. Whenever AAA reaches out to a client or vice versa, the company conducts an in-depth assessment with at least three or four separate interactive sessions with the client. “It is our value-added service for our clients,” expresses Nuli.

Our team knows how to code for the highest revenue and understands best billing practices that can help you avoid an audit

Such detail-oriented assessment helps AAA understand why the providers think that they are not making the maximum amount of money that they should be making and what their pitfalls and disadvantages in terms of their financial situation and RCM are. AAA performs an end-to-end practice management analysis to ensure that the providers are using the industry best practices to enhance efficiency and also a detailed contract analysis to determine if the providers’ contract requires any changes to increase revenue.

AAA aims to be as transparent as possible and shares all the details of the providers’ finances with the providers be it denials, write-offs, or updates on governmental regulations. “We decided, be it good news or bad, we will share it, irrespective of the consequences,” says Kumar. AAA also offers providers visibility or information regarding the status of insurance claims as well as real-time updates and reports to the providers about their current performance. Considering the providers’ preferences, AAA gives them a presentation wherein they break down the numbers, and walk providers through the report to ensure full comprehension of AAA’s work, earning the providers’ trust. AAA believes in “One Service—Fits All.” The vision of AAA is to have tools and technologies that can be shared with the provider and their group for all general business needs— ranging from verification of benefits to automated reports.

AAA generates KPIs in terms of the denial rate, clearing rate, and more to set a baseline of the providers’ performance, which they can work to surpass. If providers do not have KPIs, AAA creates it for them. For the purpose, the company examines the providers’ workflow, actual treatments, notes on charts, diagnostic methods and prescriptions, maintaining the prescription log, and more. AAA goes through every process involved in a patient consulting a doctor, helping providers enhance their workflow efficiency.

Beyond its consulting and other services, AAA also provides innovative technological tools such as a solution that resolves the issue of physicians and patients not carrying their paperwork with them. Doctors can deploy the tool to check up on patients, click a button and submit the charges, without carrying any paperwork or codes.

Next-Gen Medical Billing Services

“We are not a status-quo company, we do not take your billing just because it will make us some extra cash, we take billing because we take pride in our work,” states Nuli. Unlike other billing companies, AAA generates KPIs with checks and balances at every step. Instead of simply taking the claims and billing, AAA checks the number of patients scheduled and the number of chargesheets. AAA has a 24-hour turnaround time and a clean claim rate above 95 percent which is the industry gold standard. AAA has teams following up on the claims unpaid within their usual turnaround time, such as 14 days for Medicare. AAA also analyzes and reports trends to providers to understand their denial rates such as if their denials rates being higher than the industry average is due to backend or frontend processes such as patient registration, eligibility check, authorizations, and more. Driven by their in-depth market knowledge, AAA also provides comprehensive regular reports to help the providers understand the health of their organizations in terms of their collections, if the collections are good enough, the possibility for more, and if they are adjusting and writing off some claims without review.

Sample Business Case

Highlighting the impact of AAA’s services is their partnership with a physician who wanted to optimize their billing processes and increase their baseline. After an initial two-week assessment, the company identified the client’s issues and provided them a comprehensive report.

The client’s billing solution provider was only providing them information about their monthly collection, how much they made, how much they were writing off and nothing else. However, the client did not have a denial report. AAA sliced and diced data about the denials and ways to fix them. In the first three months of their collaboration with AAA, the client’s baseline increased by 30-40 percent, which rose to 50 percent in the next six months. The client’s previous billing company also charged a much higher rate and with AAA, the client’s operating costs and even their costs to collect reduced significantly as they were getting paid on more claims than they ever had. With countless such success stories under their belt, all of AAA’s business in 2018 has been through word of mouth from physicians with a 25 percent year on year growth.Unique Workforce to Promote Success

“Having a well-trained and experienced billing team is perhaps the most important indirect driver of revenue at a healthcare practice,” says Nuli. Today, AAA has specialized teams in fields such as oncology, internal medicine, physical therapy, and more. “Also, if we have to spend more and get a quality candidate to our team, we do that,” says Kumar. Giving agility to the modern workforce, AAA works without a hierarchy at the workplace with a flexible work environment.

Many billing companies focus on hiring cheap labor, usually qualified high school pass outs, from India and the Philippines. AAA too hires employees from these countries, but only those who are qualified college graduates despite the higher pay. With more than 50 percent of its resources in the U.S., AAA’s account managers in the U.S. have knowledge of what is going on in the local landscape, which offers providers a personal touch anytime, on call or meeting, face-to-face. This is unlike the competitors with the majority of their resources based outside the U.S., and who still promise that they understand the local billing scenario without ever having visited the location of their prospective client.

To stay modernized, AAA sends their account managers to conferences to get updated about the medical billing and coding landscape, even though it is financially taxing. This way, AAA gains an edge above other billing companies by being knowledgeable about any market changes.

Expanding the Horizon

AAA is currently working on a benefits verification module using which the provider will be able to input all the patient information and submit it for checking benefits requests. To remove the expensive tools for just scheduling patients, AAA is also working on a patient scheduling system such that if anybody signs up for medical billing services, they will get all these services cost-efficiently. On the company’s radar is also a reporting solution with information such as receivables, available at the providers’ fingertips. Driving their work and success is AAA’s incomparable commitment to providing detailed and personalized attention to the unique needs of each provider.