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Accountable HQ: Cutting-edge Platform for Effective HIPAA Compliance

Kevin Lee Henry,  CEO & Co-Founder, Accountable HQKevin Lee Henry, CEO & Co-Founder, Accountable HQ
The slew of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations has driven the healthcare industry to undergo never-before-seen transformations. This has resulted in dramatic improvements across confidentiality and usability of Personal Medical Information (PMI). Despite the proliferation of technology in the healthcare landscape, effective handling of complex medical codes and billing rules often turns out to be an ‘Achilles heel.’ Moreover, an Ipswitch survey revealed that 38.2 percent of network administrators cited HIPAA implementations to be most arduous. Helping alleviate such critical issues, Fort Worth, TX, based Accountable HQ offers a next-generation Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that enables enterprises to become HIPAA compliant with greater ease. With a simple step-by-step procedure to standardize healthcare practices, the Accountable platform safeguards databases, applications, and systems. “Our online platform acts as a game changer for organizations by bringing visibility and control into their seamless PMI operations,” begins Kevin Lee Henry, CEO and Co-founder, Accountable.

The company’s flagship Accountable platform works as a complete package that ensures clients meet all the required physical, network, and process security measures for HIPAA compliance. “Our platform provides essential tools and resources to maintain the standards set for protecting the sensitive patient data,” outlines Henry. Streamlining both operational and management aspects of health-related data, the platform facilitates users to spend less time in creating policies, procedures, and documentation. Such incremental attributes of the platform eventually result in superior performance and improved productivity for a firm. The Accountable platform can be leveraged by both Covered Entities (CE) and Business Associates (BA)—anyone with access to patient information and provide treatment, payment, or operations support.

The company incorporates additional features in its platform such as risk assessment, knowledge base, dashboard, notification, and employee tracking.

“Utilization of our platform’s robust features drives optimal value across the entire enterprise by bringing them several steps closer toward becoming HIPAA compliant,” points out Henry.

Providing advanced insights on the Risk Analysis features, Henry says, “Our company recognizes that conducting a risk analysis is a crucial step in identifying and implementing the compliance safeguards.” In this direction, Accountable provides a seven step analysis that assists a firm in spotting areas with potential risks. “The capability of our risk assessment feature to implement additional security safeguards absolutely saves time and effort for the client,” delineates Henry.

Furthermore, the company leverages its years of value-based experience to furnish a distinctive set of training services for enterprise staff. “Missteps by employees— such as snooping patient records, losing a mobile device, or e-mailing unsecured PHI—often cause health data breaches,” asserts Henry. Tackling such lapses, the company delivers interactive videos for effective HIPAA training that help in better employee engagement. In addition, Accountable HQ also certificates employees at the end of the training. “Thus, our company’s services and solutions fulfill the demands of healthcare compliances,” expresses Henry.

Our SaaS platform provides essential tools and resources to maintain the standards set for protecting the sensitive patient data

As a trusted partner to achieve HIPAA compliance, Accountable has helped several enterprises ease the complex HIPAA operations. For instance, Filament Labs, a developer of consumer engagement platforms for healthcare industry, capitalized on the prowess of Accountable to become HIPAA compliant. Continuing to serve in similar ways, Accountable HQ desires to keep its knowledge base on health compliances updated and expand its solutions and services. The company also strives to stay well-positioned in the healthcare arena to accelerate and inject latest compliance trends into their promising solutions.