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Accuhealth Technologies: An All-Inclusive Telehealth Platform for Healthcare

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Stephen Samson, CEO, Accuhealth TechnologiesStephen Samson, CEO, Accuhealth Technologies “Data,” it is the word that modern data-driven enterprises in business use the most. It is the word that an organization in the data-centric world relies on. It is the word which has more value than any other commodity (tangible or intangible) in the global market.

“Data” is the word which continues to be the most crucial asset to any and all business entities worldwide. Enterprises from every industry vertical across the globe are racing to gather each and every bit of this data. As a result, this competitive, data-driven business space mandates the need for advanced and up-to-the-second “data analytics” to steer organizations toward success. And while it used to be alien to quote terms like “data” and “data analytics” in the context of healthcare, today, is there any doubt as to the bond between them?

Can the medical space leverage data analytics to expedite clinical care delivery?

“Yes,” says Stephen Samson, CEO of Accuhealth Technologies.

Motivated by the massive headway in other industry verticals with felicitous use of curated data, the firm followed the same operational model in the healthcare space as a pilot program. The outstanding result in clinical care delivery spurred the inception of the company in 2018 which has since developed its state-of-the-art healthcare data analytics/ visualization platform, backed by strong cybersecurity competence. “We are capable of successfully monitoring IoT devices with medical applications and gathering relevant patient data to help healthcare providers and in turn treat their patients more effectively,” adds Samson.Owing to the strong cybersecurity background of its founders, Accuhealth’s product is similar to an information management platform, as it interlinks disparate healthcare systems and allows everyone within the primary care network to be informed about a patient’s condition and the approach of care taken. The Texas-based Telehealth provider has garnered immense success in serving such clients with the delivery of telemonitoring and telemedicine solutions with its platform, effectively closing the gap in communication and information shared between patients and healthcare providers. With the zeal to position itself as the leading provider in the healthcare market, the firm leverages its technical edge to develop their cloud-based encrypted platform that aligns well with the ever-evolving global needs in the medical care delivery space.

Leveraging Curated Data to Healthcare Out-Turn

Meticulous analysis of healthcare delivery needs and feedback from doctors, nurses, patients and other groups in the clinical delivery space enable Accuhealth to design a novel solution by incorporating the power of data analytics into the medical industry. The company’s platform integrates with the medical devices that patients use, and collects biometric data such as blood pressure levels, blood glucose levels, body weight, blood oxygen, and more. “We aggregate patient readings and consolidate it into a dashboard, enabling doctors and caregivers to monitor the diverse list of patient information on a single screen,” explains Boby Deveros, the COO of Accuhealth.

As a part of its healthcare operation, the company interacts with patients—over video chat or telephone—and creates a storyline based on their biometric information and other readings and comments by doctors, caretakers and even patients. This enables the company to help the physicians included in the care group to know about the patients’ health condition in an agile manner. “I have been using Accuhealth telemonitoring service for several months. I’m pleased with the information that I get from their platform called Evelyn. The Accuhealth team is constantly requesting my feedback and incorporating new functionality on a timely basis.” says Dr. Al Smith, active accuhealth physician client.

We aggregate patient readings and consolidate it into a dashboard, enabling doctors and caregivers to monitor the diverse list of patient information on a single screen

In addition, Accuhealth’s fully vendor-agnostic platform is also auditable, and works on open standards—a unique feature among its competitors— to ensure total transparency in operations, recording and monitoring all transactions within its solution. With the telemedicine integration of Accuhealth’s platform, the company ensures that physicians and patients are always connected behind a single pane of glass to facilitate rapid patient turnaround time. This also allows patients to have a watch on their medical conditions by logging into the firms’ phone app or web-based platform. Unlike its competitors, the company’s platform is compatible with any hardware vendors’ device making it easy for patients as well as physicians.

Round-the-Clock Remote Patient Monitoring

The significance of patient monitoring in a highly interconnected society has only grown since the induction of technological innovations in the healthcare sector. In one instance, Samson recalls the case of a blood pressure patient who experienced an accident. Having fallen down at his residence, the patient found himself in an extremely undesirable situation, with an injured leg, the fear of being admitted to a hospital, with no one around to help. Fortunately, Accuheal th’s remote monitoring system ensured that the patient received a phone call from the paramedics, and was soon taken to a doctor that knew the patient’s medical history. “It was our telemonitoring platform that ensured that this patient’s emergency did not go undetected, as it maintained the continuity of care by getting the patient to the doctor in time,” says Samson.

"It was our telemonitoring platform that ensured that this patient’s emergency did not go undetected, as it maintained the continuity of care by getting the patient to the doctor in time"

Passionate to plug the gaps that hinder efficiency of telemonitoring services, Accuhealth deploys a dedicated team to identify and document the space-critical needs of both the doctor and patient. Deveros points out that the complexity associated with technologies and devices used by patients, is the major challenge, as seen from the patients’ point of view. Understanding these challenges, especially with the elderly and people with disabilities, the firm identifies the best, most accurate and easy-to-use solutions for patients. For instance, the company ensures that devices for patients with seeing disabilities either have big numbers or speak different languages. Accuhealth’s best-in-breed cloud-based tech-stack enables physicians to monitor patients without any constraints in terms of time and location. Patient retention being one of the major needs of doctors, the firm allows them to provide industry-best service in an agile and efficient manner. Identifying that physicians need to be paid according to the time they spend with patients, the company ensures that they are compensated for their efforts.

Bobby Deveros, COOBobby Deveros, COO, Accuhealth TechnologiesComprehensive Physician-Patient Interface

Alongside their revolutionary platform, the company also provides a managed service that operates the platform on a caregiver’s behalf as a support center to execute tasks such as auditing logs and interfacing with patients. This allows physicians and caregivers to focus on patient-related actions that are operation-critical. Additionally, Accuhealth is also a registered home care agency, which when combined with the benefits of the HIPAA and SOC 2 certified platform, provides patients with a reliable end-to-end healthcare service.

According to Deveros, the U.S. Healthcare industry’s compensation models are transitioning from the traditional fee-for-service to value-based-care. This shift, coupled with a scoring system based on Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) and the merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS), is introducing new challenges in the delivery of patient care. Accuhealth’s Telehealth offering enables caregivers to seamlessly move toward a more value-based care system, irrespective of the scale of their healthcare operation, by not only fostering improved care but by also reducing the costs associated with patient monitoring. “By building a model that focuses on physicians and patients at the same time, we have eliminated all barriers that come in the way of delivering an end-to-end healthcare offering,” adds Deveros.

Molding for a Competitive Future

With an aim to extend Accuhealth’s platform and services to newer regions, the company—which comply with the CMS and Commercial Insurance reimbursement policies—is aspiring to enter the Canadian, Mexican and the Latin American healthcare marketplaces in the next six months. “We are giving new territories and hardware vendors the ability to use common standards to integrate with Accuhealth’s exisiting eco-system and giving patients in any part of the world from any economic status the ability to connect with their care team remotely, so as a whole we can mitigate the impacts of growing chronic disease cases across the globe,” states Samson. The results domestically in the U.S. are positive, “It became apparent after several months our patient’s blood pressures and blood sugars started to normalize in almost 90% of those being monitored”, Dr. Smith goes on to say “What a benefit this service has been to our patients and the clinical management of their health issues!”. As an enthusiastically growing homecare agency primarily licensed in the state of Texas, the firm is rolling out plans to expand its services to other states in the U.S.

From a feature set standpoint, the company is upgrading its platform to align well with all the equipment available in the market, identifying the diverse nature of healthcare devices used by the people. The company recently integrated a calling functionality onto its platform to aid doctors in generating revenue with auditable tracking and monitoring capabilities. Zealous to position itself as a one-stop shop, global leader in the healthcare delivery sector; Accuhealth has on the anvil, plans to incorporate robotic automation and machine learning into its platform. “We want to reach out to more people, provide more avenues to physicians to deliver patient care, and cover more geographies with our doctor-first technology stack,” concludes Samson.

- Alex D’souza
    June 26, 2019