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Acentec: Balancing the Act of Meeting Compliances

For Jeff Mongelli, the CEO of Acentec, the approach towards technology has always been a balancing act. For instance, integrating EMRs into a communication centre which translates into embracing technology would yield tremendous benefits in the long term. Simultaneously doctors will remain the ‘final arbiters’ in the health care cycle even though the presence of artificial intelligence (AI) will be felt throughout the industry. Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is essential for the qualification of Meaningful Use, and though CDS might not require any AI, Mongelli points that on the contrary the latter can significantly enhance the process. And following the herald of Internet of Things, data availability has been given a boost.

This balancing act is reflected in the product and services of Acentec. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Irvine, CA, the company caters to the healthcare arena, specializing in HIPAA compliance. Acentec’s ‘HIPAA Security Suite’ offers an extensive, cost effective and a single window for administering all compliance requirements. The suite offers risk assessments for its clients which have been developed keeping in lieu with the NIST (a non-regulatory measurement standards agency) guidelines. The company’s technology team evaluates the technical infrastructure of its clients for any points of vulnerability. Further the suite also provides employee training and policies and procedures which have been collated via the company’s nationwide network of HIPAA attorneys.

With the health care industry grappling to meet the regulations set by HIPAA, the situation has been further complicated by the new set of laws laid down. These guidelines might lead to financial disasters and loss of an organization’s status at the slightest of contravention. Further, the ‘BYOD’ revolution has led to information technology companies specializing in the health care industry, becoming the need of the hour. Acentec’s Secure Office IT offers ‘HIPAA Compliant Remote Online Backup’ in the event of a company’s system going offline. The Online Backup feature offers extensive protection for the files and helps in the recovery if and when a health care organization meets with a data disaster. Simultaneously the feature saves precious time, money and the stress the company might have to undergo.

Staying true to one half of the balancing act which is to embrace technology, Acentec has developed a next generation patient-physician communication channel called PogoMD. This product acts as a communication center for the flow of medical information between physicians and patients. The company also offers integration of EMR, another revolution that the health care field has witnessed through its Medinformatix EMR and PM. The product delivers ‘proprietary clinical workflows and modules’ that aggrandizes a physician’s coding and decision-making while seamlessly meeting the meaningful use of compliance. The Orange County Rescue Mission (OC Rescue Mission), a faith based organization, was a beneficiary of Acentec’s offerings.

New HIPAA requirements and increased penalties make the proper care and handling of sensitive patient health information essential for every provider and medical organization

Apart from OC Rescue Mission, Orange County Medical Association (OCMA) has also benefitted largely from Acentec’s solutions. OCMA had roped in Acentec to provide cost effective HIPAA solutions and technology management for the physicians. Acentec will also be providing employee training sessions. “New HIPAA requirements and increased penalties make the proper care and handling of sensitive patient health information essential for every provider and medical organization,” said Jeff Mongelli. Further, Acentec has slashed it prices by 20 percent while providing solutions to the OCMA members. Hopefully, Orange County will see more of Acentec’s solutions cum evangelism in the future