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ADDI Medical: Bridging the Medical Healthcare and Patient Selfcare Gap

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Time and time again, healthcare staff and healthcare providers have reiterated the importance of pre and post-treatment care procedures, in order to ensure that patients follow their doctor’s instructions meticulously until they return to normalcy. Caretakers must ensure that their wards are adhering to the physician’s designated medical routines, as even the slightest deviations can have severe consequences and eventually lead to complications in a medical healthcare schedule.

Nina Sellberg, an experienced former professor and renowned researcher in the medical informatics field, laid the cornerstone to ADDI Medical with the realization to bridge the communication gap between these physicians and patients. The company, in 2018, released its first medical information diagnostics platform, ‘Healthcare Operability with Patient Engagement’ (HOPE), which empowers patients to connect with medical staff securely through home-based monitoring and remote feedback. By providing healthcare staff with easy accessibility to patients and patient generated information, HOPE enables professionals to communicate pre and post-medical care plans effortlessly irrespective of therapeutic area. The easily and quickly configurable solution manages all patients’ information in a secure manner and solves the digital communication problem that healthcare stakeholders face while engaging with patients.

“With HOPE Solution, healthcare staff initiate and quality assure the distance activities that the patients themselves carry out. Before our solution, medical staffs’ care plans were not easily understandable for patients - it was a challenge to understand how to act in the optimal way to recovery,” says Nina Sellberg, Co-founder and CEO at ADDI Medical. “We just took a step forward by offering HOPE Solution that empower patients and improve healthcare to new quality and efficiency levels.”

HOPE enables healthcare providers to monitor their patients digitally and remotely. Patients can inform physicians of conditions, for instance, by filling out smart digital forms, remotely switching on sensors such as blood pressure gauges, spirometers, and pedometers, to name a few, via multiple inputs--HOPE App (mobile application) or HOPE App over the web. Physicians can then access the information from patients via HOPE practitioner (web application). Information is collected via scheduled activities, devices, smart e-forms including complex algorithms and factors for automatic actions and communication. HOPE offers a wide range of information outputs into medical records, national quality registers, biobanks and research databases via ready-made FHIR format, if needed a gateway that formats to the medical records can be made. In all, HOPE can both write and read information from medical records. The wide range of information output possibilities makes it highly compatible also with other third parties, medtech analytics, and operations automation systems.

HOPE is operatable in both a SaaS and on-premise setup. In both cases healthcare staff and patients access the HOPE backend via internet. Medical staff can easily and securely begin utilizing the HOPE Solution by merely logging in to the HOPE Practitioner Tool. The system empowers professionals to create, send, and follow up on patient’s individual care plans in real time. The continued usage of the service renders healthcare personnel to analyze and respond to symptoms and lifestyle, including the opportunity to screen the comorbidity of patients with multiple conditions. ADDI Medical’s information-driven solution has been a behemoth in contributing to an escalation of quality of life by allowing for proactive patient selfcare with priority management.

We just took a step forward by offering HOPE Solution that empower patients and improve healthcare to new quality and efficiency levels

To ensure quality of care for the patients, HOPE is equipped to automatically initiate communication and alerts to healthcare staff when a patient’s critical vital signs go above or below a specified limit that has been predefined according to a set of ground rules.

Holistic in nature, HOPE can service all diagnostic areas of medical care, and has widespread usability in neo-natal, medical research, and at universities that specialize in healthcare. Simultaneously, pharmaceutical companies use the information to compare a disease’s tolerance to their drugs with other competitors studying the same illness. HOPE Solution and all of its inbuilt medical information collection and analytics tools are CE (a conformity stamp for the regulation of goods sold within the European Union) marked, adhering to the norms for the registration and usage of technology within healthcare.

One medical area where the HOPE Solution excels is in the neonatal ward, especially for preterm babies and babies diagnosed with retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). Research has shown that if HOPE had been used in the screening of ROP, six out ten children that have become blind during the last ten years in Sweden could have been avoided. The usage of HOPE Solution has also significantly improved the efficiency of the ROP workflow. Planning work for every conducted ROP examination has shown to save 10-15 minutes with HOPE and in the work of the subsequent documentation of every patient examination another 7-12 minutes are saved. In addition, more time is saved through the integration with the national quality registry. “Before healthcare staff had to double- and/or triple register the same information. With our solution, output of structured and integrated information is just a click away,” comments Nina.

Furthermore, patient-generated information can also be directly communicated to academia to use for research, although HOPE Solution comes with strict information sharing protocols. This means that the individuals have the final say whether they allow their information to be used or not. In summary, the benefits are an information and communication-driven infrastructure solution, user-friendly, flexible and secure algorithms, prediction and machine learning. The HOPE solution is available via the web, and IOS/Android-based apps that is in full compliance with GDPR and healthcare legislation.

ADDI Medical aims to enhance its technological infrastructure to further reduce the communication gap between medical healthcare and patient selfcare procedures. “Our diagnostic analytics turnaround time is short; we follow through with the medical staff and patients from the moment they enroll in our solution until they are declared fully fit,” explains Nina. Having swiftly grown into the Swedish medical and healthcare sector, ADDI Medical plans to widen its consumer base by spreading into other Nordic countries as well as the UK and Germany. “Our global mission is to deliver a patient engagement platform that goes straight to the heart of the medical staff and patients,” concludes Nina.

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ADDI Medical

ADDI Medical

Stockholm, Sweden

Nina Sellberg, Founder and CEO , ADDI Medical

Provides a medical data management and diagnostics platform, ‘Healthcare Operability with Patient Engagement’ (HOPE), empowering patients to connect with medical staff securely. HOPE empowers healthcare providers to monitor their patients digitally and remotely. Patients and caretakers can inform physicians of physical conditions by filling out smart digital forms via a mobile or over the web with the added benefits of prediction and decision support. HOPE seamlessly integrates into multiple types of medical records, quality registers, biobanks, research databases and medical devices by utilizing APIS. In addition, physicians and patients can gain access to registered and processed values at activity level based on EBP