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ADEO: Seamless Workflow with Less Staff

Susan Cheek, CEO, ADEOSusan Cheek, CEO, ADEO
Operating room management requires the calculated coordination of the staff and material resources in a manner that surgeries can be performed efficiently, cost-effective, and also safely. With facing general space constraint and the inability to optimize the use of resources has always been a major challenge in this space. The ultimate goal for administrators and CEOs to avert this crisis is to introduce automation into the routine administrative tasks and streamline their processes so that they can reduce the need to add more FTEs (full-time equivalent) as the practice grows. Now imagine having six bots—highly trained employees added to your team—that can perform all the daily routine tasks and can do it at a very minimal cost than employing a manual workforce. Creative Empowering Solutions (CES) is a company that is making this a reality and mitigating the challenges through its intuitive software the ADEO (formerly known as BridgeConX). “Our software is designed by actual end users who know the actual needs that rise in facilities and practices,” states Susan Cheek, the CEO of CES who is also the president of the Ambulatory Surgery Center Society, Texas. “We customize our implementation process according to the specific client requirements and their individual workflows.”

With the help of their intuitive product, the ADEO, insurance verification, patient notifications, and patient responsibilities can be completely automated. In order to achieve this, CES models the workflows of the particular medical facility, based on the use cases, while factoring in dependencies like the region located etc. Once the team breaks down the exact steps, they automate all the processes in the workflow of the administrative routine.

To get down to the details, CES begins by collecting the required information from the trained staff through a form.

We strive to be the lowest-cost high-quality provider of software when CEO’s and administrators are trying to provide seamless healthcare treatment to patients at a minimal cost

They also identify alternative ways to gather additional information such as through external management systems or EMRs. For instance, if patients have to be notified of their responsibilities, CES builds a system that can initiate phone calls on behalf of the staff. The system not only has the data of the location of the patient scheduled for the appointment but also the details of the physician assigned and the fee to be paid. This also allows the staff from not having to do the redundant and monotonous tasks and focus on other responsibilities of paramount importance.

“We strive to be the lowest-cost high-quality provider of software when CEO’s and administrators are trying to provide seamless healthcare treatment to patients at a minimal cost,” adds Susan. Results have proven that the ambulatory surgery centers that use the ADEO software have fewer full-time employees in their business office with better revenue when compared to their competitors of the same size. CES supports SaaS and on-site services as well, as they feel dependence on the internet will not suffice the cause in the healthcare industry. This also ensures business continuity, when it comes to additional backup and storage. A particular healthcare provider customer was struggling with high patient cancellation rates. They approached CES and utilized their automated insurance verification and patient notification system that were able to notify the patients of their schedules two to three weeks ahead of its time. This led to a substantial reduction in the patient cancellation rates.

CES is looking beyond the horizon to keep expanding its billing, consulting, and collection services in the years to come. With AI already built into their software, the company is planning to enhance the technology to a greater extent that can aid in automation through cost-effective solutions for the customers.