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Advanced Data Systems: Offering an Integrated-Automated Approach to Healthcare Practice Management

Access to patient data was hard to come by when healthcare organizations dealt with traditional ap-proach that piled up large number of patient information locked in files. The traditional process proved to be complex and time consuming. When the number of patients in practices increased, the data also increased tremendously demanding an automated practice management system that would ensure fast and efficient management. With more than three decades of stability in healthcare practice and thou¬sands of users, the Advanced Data Systems Corporation (ADS) has affirmed its position as a comprehensive practice management solution in the health care industry.

David Barzillai, President, ADS, says, “We have been producing comprehensive, multi-faceted healthcare automation solutions continuously since 1977. We have a time-tested relationship with our clients, and we believe our Medical Economics ranking further speaks to the company’s overall stability in the industry”. ADS offers interconnectivity and interoperability with its two core Practice Management offerings, MedicsPremier and MedicsElite for comprehensive practice management. The software connects patients with practitioners in an open line of secure communication from a Smartphone or a PC via cloud. MedicsPremier is integrated with International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems version-10 (ICD-10), scheduling reports and business analytics. Integrating with automated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) MedicsPremier permits payment posting, claim submission, Insurance verification and claim tracking electronically, thereby reducing errors in insurance rejections and offering an increased cash flow.

The MedicsPremier has a built-in ICD-10 code converter that displays ICD-9 to ICD-10 code equivalents by the current ICD-9 code or by a text description of the code. By selecting the most appropriate ICD-10 code the claim is then submitted in ICD-10 format. The MedicsPremier is also integrated with MedicsPremier scheduler—a powerful management tool for generating revenue, workflow and productivity. The system in addition has a built-in Audit Trail that continually monitors user activity.

One of the significant features of MedicsPremier is the Medics Claims Denial Manager that displays the denied claims and the associated reasons on a screen.The corrections for the denied claims can be made easily and resubmitted, turning denied claims into recompenses.

We have a time-tested relationship with our clients, and we believe our Medical Economics ranking further speaks to the company’s overall stability in the industry

The MedicsPremier provides access for clients to real-time management and health analytics dashboard instantaneously. The client reports can also be exported into an Excel file for to help ease patient data management.

Soderma Dermatology- a full serving dermatology practice in Laurel, MD, partnered with ADS for a better Practice Management solution. The firms reportedly were facing issues with their initial practice management system with complications in managing huge data of patients. Later after several rounds of research Soderma Dermatology implemented Advanced Data Systems’ practice management system for managing patient’s data within their operations. MedicsPremier is serving Soderma Dermatology with a number of Dermatology specific capabilities that include the ability to calculate tax on items sold by Soderma Dermatology. The system integration was completely transparent, facilitating for bi-directional data flow between the systems. Soderma Dermatology after combining with ADS resulted in increased efficiencies, maximized work flow, enhanced cash flow and an increased ROI.

Advanced Data Systems Corporation provides a unified solution for practice management that can also be implemented separately depending on the needs of the practice. The firm provides well-timed implementation, comprehensive training and excellent customer support including timely updates. ADS have a remarkable record of stability and reliability since decades. “We fully expect calendar year 2015 to end the same way for our clients as did 2014: with no less than a 99 percent success rate,” concludes Barzillai.