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Aegis Health Group: Streamlining the Population Health Management Processes

Phil Suiter, CEO, Aegis Health GroupPhil Suiter, CEO, Aegis Health Group
With the advent of Population Health Management (PHM), hospitals are ideally positioned to harness this opportunity to build profitable partnerships with corporate companies by offering employee healthcare initiatives. Moreover, working in partnership with the local hospitals, employers have access to programs and resources designed to engage employees across the entire continuum of care. “Patient and provider relationships are not a one-time business transaction,” begins Phil Suiter, CEO, Aegis Health Group. “The more healthcare providers know about their patients’ healthcare priorities, the more effectively they can respond,” he adds. PHM seeks the right technology, meticulous information gathering, and deploying solicitous and targeted communications, and this is where Brentwood, TN-based Aegis Health Group steps in. The company’s strategic Population Health and Employer Relationship Management solutions enable healthcare providers to grow market share and revenue by identifying and managing the health risks of local consumers and employer groups within the communities.

Aegis offers a customizable, web-based population health engagement platform—One Community— that helps employers to transform the distracting concerns of employee health care into actionable information and provide hospitals with powerful ways to engage communities and patients. For the future, the company is further developing their products offering based on fully integrated mobile technologies that are focused on post-acute care management and chronic disease monitoring and reporting.

Complementing this tool is Aegis’ data-driven Physician Relationship Management program that creates strategic alignment between hospitals and their medical staff to drive service-line growth.

Aegis provides different tools that can collect basic patient demographic and biometric data to predict the health of employees.

The more health providers know about their patients’ healthcare priorities, the more effectively they can respond

“Our tools enable employers and hospitals to do a better job of running a wellness program,” says Suiter. For instance, the company’s unique tool—HR Insight for small and medium size employers to look at the present health status of their employees.Furthermore, the tool allows employers to conduct sensitivity analysis on employees to determine their annual insurance spend whether it is commercial or self-insured. To reduce an employer’s absenteeism, and to empower productivity the company also offers a tool which gives a quantifiable health score of the employee group.

In one instance, Aegis’ client from South Carolina was unable to generate business in the local area due to the lack of brand recognition. Aegis appointed two specialist for the client; one relation specialist whose sole responsibility was to engage the employers in the wellness program management. Secondly, the firm appointed a physician relation specialist, who was liable to reach out to the physician groups and let them know about the client’s surgical capacity and treatment facilities. As a result, the client was able to gain strategic advantage over the larger brand name hospitals in South Carolina. They achieved almost eight and half million dollars of the digital revenue in the last 12 month period. “The ROI was more than 5 to 1 in terms of what they have spent with us and more importantly it kept the business to our client that was going to other hospitals,” extols Suiter.

To further support it’s physician relationship management initiatives, the company has recently introduced MDSmart, an online data analytics solution that collects the data from Medicare, states, facility, and claims sources, and creates a modeling approach tailored to the customer’s needs by measuring market performance, missing data gaps, and identifying areas for growth. To enhance the capability of MDSmart, the company is planning to invest in tools and data sets that will help them to focus on identifying physician referral trends and quantifying care relationships.