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Kishlay Anand; Founder, MD & CEO, Akos Kishlay Anand; Founder, MD & CEO, Akos
The spiraling consumer expectations for accessible and convenient services have pushed the healthcare industry to increase adoption of telemedicine solutions. In the heat of this transformation, healthcare facilities are transforming from brick-and-mortar to virtual model, delivering not only an improved patient experience but cost-saving opportunities for both the patient and healthcare providers. Leading this transformation is Arizona-based Akos, a company that offers an AI-powered connected care platform. Akos powers home-based care delivery with advanced, convenient, and affordable telehealth services through its robust, device-agnostic platform. “By aggregating providers and their patients on our unified mobile platform, we guarantee visibility, transparency, and superior collaboration between the stakeholders in the care continuum,” says Kishlay Anand, MD, Founder and CEO of Akos.

The healthcare expanse today is riddled with a lack of primary care physicians and endless paperwork. Akos’ intuitive platform excels as a virtual physician assistant by automatically analyzing patient data and developing a list of probable diagnoses even before the consultation. Through synchronous audio-video (AV) communication using mobile devices, the interaction between the physician and the patient can be carried out from anywhere, anytime. With easy access to accurate and up-to-date information, the physician verifies the patient’s symptoms, educates the patient on their condition, and prescribes an appropriate treatment plan. In addition, Akos provides training to physicians who learn the telemedicine etiquette resulting in better customer experience and improved outcome.

The platform captures all datapoints, submits electronic prescriptions and test orders, schedules follow-up visits, and files insurance claims when indicated.

Akos platform allows providers to integrate their office calendar with Akos practice resulting in improved time management. Akos’ staff coordinates patient flow maximizing efficiency. Furthermore, Akos’ platform allows prompt access of the patient’s prior health records to providers further enhancing quality of care. For cases requiring care beyond the scope of telemedicine, patients are referred to the nearest location within Akos preferred network where they can receive the necessary care.

Furthermore, Akos offers workers’ compensation and employee medical benefits helping companies control escalating healthcare costs by nearly eliminating the need to visit an emergency room except for truly serious injuries, and also by minimizing other office visits resulting in significant time and cost savings. With its 24/7 accessibility, Akos’ ensures employees receive proper medical care.

While telemedicine has made a remarkable contribution in healthcare, its adoption in the remote regions of the U.S. is still below par. Nevertheless, Akos’ platform renders easy access to healthcare by bringing the healthcare provider to populations in remote locations. Additionally, local primary care providers may utilize Akos’ platform to reach out to rural populations further expanding their practice and bringing healthcare to much needed population living in distant areas with serious limitations of transportation.

Akos has achieved significant growth within a short time span owing to its nimble technology that allows the healthcare community to deliver care in an innovative way by bringing the doctor to the patient by eliminating most of the hassle associated with “going to see a doctor,” therefore, markedly simplifying the way people see their doctor, and also by streamlining the documentation process through automation saving significant time to both the patient and the provider. Driven by a culture of creative thinking, Akos is at the forefront of innovation in urgent care and primary care arena utilizing telemedicine services. The company plans to expand coverage by adding 50 more AI-powered clinics to their existing portfolio to address the needs of the larger audience, in particular, the underserved population.

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Kishlay Anand; Founder, MD & CEO , Akos

Akos is a leader in the telehealth industry offering comprehensive solutions for both personal medical care and workers’ compensation. Through our intuitive, innovative and streamlined platform, Akos allows patients to virtually connect with healthcare specialists anytime, anywhere.