Alere - Patient Monitoring Solutions/Service Company

Alere: Modernizing PM Landscape through Optimal Anticoagulation Products

 Namal Nawana, CEO & President, Alere
The typical picture of patients tirelessly waiting for routine doctor’s appointment is a frail image lost in a mesh of wires and cables attached to bulky, noisy machines. The wires and cables are now being replaced by smart devices enabling patients to undergo self-test and obtain accurate diagnostic results within few moments. This dynamic ability of devices has led to expanded ambit of Patient Monitoring (PM) landscape. According to Berg Insight, the market for remote patient monitoring equipments will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18 percent from 2010 to 2016, reaching 4.9 million patient connections globally. Contributing significantly to this growth is Waltham, MA, based Alere that offers cutting-edge Anticoagulation products and services, thereby allowing patients to get accurate and precise information in an easier way.

The company provides an intelligent patient monitoring product, Alere INRatio 2 PT/INR Monitor that acts as an optimal in-office or home testing solution for anticoagulation management. The product promotes patient care by offering an easy fingerestick procedure that intake a single blood drop sample and proffers result in about 60 seconds. Such instantaneous outcomes maximize practice efficiency and reduce tedious ‘call-backs’. “Acting as a game-changer for improving patient health-outcomes, our product delivers advantages such as—improved patient satisfaction, trusted results and maximized practice efficiency,” says Namal Nawana, CEO, Alere. Detailing on further benefits, Nawana states, “A small alter in PT/INR details cause major change in therapy decisions and patient outcomes.” He adds, “With our product, the physician monitors patients using a single technology over time, rather than using multiple technologies per patient. This culminates in improved consistency and correctness.”

Supporting anticoagulation management in analogous ways, the company offers complete suite of Home INR Monitoring program that includes insurance coverage determination, proprietary training, data management solutions and a choice of home testing products. “Such broad coverage of areas has enabled our services to be used by over 11,000 clinicians and 85,000 patients,” says Nawana.

On a broader view, Alere understands the inclusive responsibilities of heath industry and recognizes the essential role it plays in linking the patients to robust technology. In this regard, Nawana affirms, “The best way to associate patients with technology is to proficiently train them.” Thus, the company offers a personalized Face-2- Face proprietary training program that enables new patients gaining concrete knowledge over handling of INR monitoring systems. “Our aim is to ensure patient’s maximum success and confidence in operating Home INR Monitoring systems,” proclaims Nawana. Such self-belief and knowledge ultimately enhances the patients’ ability to remain compliant with prescribed testing instructions.

The best way to associate patients with technology is to train them proficiently

The company effectively provides such far-fetched benefits by investing plenty of time in understanding and determining the current needs of PM landscape. Such thoughtful perception has made possible for the company to sense key PM issues and offer industry-matching bespoke products. "Our company was founded on innovation. We uphold this philosophy by looking for ingenious ways to revolutionize the PM practices,” delineates Nawana.

Driven by company's reputation for overwhelming patient-centric focus and performance, significant growth and commercialization opportunities are on the anvil for the firm. Motivated by such bright position, Nawara concludes on a strong note, “At the end, what matters the most is our commitment to deliver qualitative services that customers rely on for consistently accurate and actionable information.”