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Alpha Imaging: Sophisticated Medical Imaging Modalities

 Michael Perrico, CEO, Alpha Imaging
While providing scientists and clinicians the ability to capture clear images, at the right dose of radiation in minimal time, medical imaging solutions have significantly reduced the human mortality rates. In such a scenario, the market for diagnostic imaging modalities such as X-ray, Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultrasound, and Nuclear Imaging systems and scanners is witnessing a rapid growth. And, hospitals, medical centers, and other healthcare organizations need assistance from distributors that can deliver these robust, cost-effective, and state-of-the-art medical imaging equipments. Alpha Imaging is one such organization.

Cleveland, OH, based Alpha Imaging is a distributor of advanced medical imaging equipments in the U.S. The company collaborates with leading global manufacturers to deliver state-of-the-art medical imaging products and services that meet the clinical, operational, and economic needs of the U.S. healthcare market. Alpha Imaging’s unique product portfolio includes both mainstream diagnostic and interventional imaging systems such as X-ray, CT and Mammography, and specialty imaging solutions for electrophysiology, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, urology, and radiation dose management.

With Alpha’s reliable product portfolio, their partner manufacturers deliver excellent clinical results. The company’s vast portfolio includes Hologic women’s health solutions, Shimadzu Medical Systems diagnostic medical imaging equipment, Canon Medical Systems Digital Radiography (DR) solutions, Konica Minolta DR solutions. In addition, the portfolio also includes Omega Medical Imaging G.I. diagnostic and Electrophysiology imaging solutions, Del Medical analog, digital and fluoroscopic imaging systems, Neusoft Medical Systems CT scanners, and DoseMonitor radiation dose monitoring and reporting.

Alpha Imaging's dedicated team of applications specialists delivers practical and affordable clinical education for an organization’s radiographic technologists.

We are very grateful to our customers for choosing Alpha to meet their ongoing medical imaging needs

From basic concepts to the most advanced clinical procedures, the company’s specialists ensure that the client’s staff is equipped to deliver the highest levels of patient care in X-ray imaging. Alpha Imaging’s highly skilled and experienced trainers specialize in Canon Flat Panel detectors, Konica Aero DR solutions, Shimadzu Medical systems, Mobile DaRt, RadSpeed, FluoroSpeed, and SonialVision R&F systems.

In today’s healthcare environment, finding ways to lower costs and extend the reach of existing resources is crucial. The CT Fundamentals course from Alpha Imaging helps organizations in doing just that. The company’s instructor-led online program provides engineers with a solid foundational knowledge of CT that includes its history and evolution, CT image formation, System components, theory of operation, and scanning methods. Delivery of information is provided through interactive presentations and lectures utilizing a browser-based web-meeting tool. Three instructor-led online sessions are held on consecutive days—2.5 hours each session, allowing students to attend training without the need for travel or extended absence from their regular service responsibilities.

Alpha’s simple philosophy of putting customers first continues to deliver strong results for the company in the healthcare sector. “We are very grateful to our customers for choosing Alpha to meet their ongoing medical imaging needs and extremely proud of our employees for their tireless efforts to support our growth,” says Michael Perrico, CEO, Alpha Imaging. In an increasingly competitive medical imaging market, Alpha Imaging will continue to find ways to thrive with its efficient imaging products. “With new competitors, products and services entering the market more than ever, it’s not getting any easier. We must continue to elevate our performance to ensure future success,” concludes Perrico.