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AMD Global Telemedicine: Telemedicine: recommended by doctors

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Eric Bacon, President, AMD Global TelemedicineEric Bacon, President, AMD Global Telemedicine
For over 28 years now, AMD Global Telemedicine has been thriving in the market as one of the leading telehealth solutions providers. With the help of their successful telemedicine clinical applications, AMD provides comfortable patient welfare coupled with a positive experience and expanded access to care.

The Telemedicine technologies by AMD offer encounter management, integrated medicinal devices, and telemedicine carts. The former provides real-time accurate information about the patient to the physician which streamlines the diagnosis and makes the clinical examination easier for both the parties. The integrated medicinal devices, however, send superior quality medical images to the doctors to help them understand the patient’s clinical concern without compromising the quality of care. There are also customized solutions available for the patients, like Telemedicine carts. It is specifically designed to be flexible to the specific requirement of the patients. One can integrate the hardware and software one needs in their telemedicine program.

The use of telemedicine is emerging as a prevalent trend in the healthcare sector; hospitals are reaching out for more telehealth solution providers to equip themselves for round the clock services. To bring healthcare closer to home and make it more convenient for the patients, AMD also offers a telehealth digital platform called OnDemand Visit. The patients here can connect directly with the physician from their chosen domain. “We focus on breaking the barrier that keeps patients from connecting to healthcare providers, such as time and distance,” says Eric Bacon, president of AMD Global Telemedicine. The physician provides the diagnosis and at the end there also lies a feedback channel.

We focus on breaking the barrier that keeps patients from connecting to healthcare providers, such as time and distance

The patients over 100 countries are efficiently connected with the help of various digital tools and cutting edge technology provided by AMD. It is cost-effective, engages the customers more than a physical clinic visit, and expands the patient base.

AMD has also branched out of the general health care and stepped into healthcare aiding for disaster proven areas. In a collaboration with Jenysis Healthcare Solutions who is an innovative solution provider for critical infrastructure and services, AMD set-up self-sufficient telehealth clinics to provide medical aid for disaster recovery, medically underprivileged communities, and military areas. The mission of this partnership was to enhance the health, safety, and welfare of the global community by providing quicker health services.

Not only has telemedicine been a boon for patients all across, but it also helps to keep the employees of the healthcare organization healthy and safe. The Working Clinic provides on-site medical services for the board-certified physicians, occupational and medical staff on duty. The employees can access these services immediately without having to cut work hours. This ensures higher productivity, long term cost-control, and other key employee benefits.

AMD virtual care technologies are coming with new solutions which are capable of efficiently eliminating challenges of communication between the doctors and the patients, improve competitiveness, and foster a culture of innovation. “Here at AMD Global Telemedicine, we understand that every organization’s needs are different and we make solutions accordingly,” explains Bacon. The commitment to craft solutions which fit the exact need is critical and AMD has mastered that art while constantly delivering solutions which have proved to be up to the mark.