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American Well: Delivering Seamless Healthcare Service

 Roy Schoenberg, MD, Chairman & CEO, American Well
In today’s highly connected world, with the growing number of networked devices, endless data, and services are just a click away. In this changing landscape, healthcare consumers are increasingly seeking care that is easier to access and more convenient. As health systems are experiencing tremendous pressure to move from fee for service care structure to value-based alternatives, global healthcare technology providers are rapidly adopting video conferencing technology for providing telemedicine solutions that improves the access of advanced medical services. These solutions deliver non-emergent care directly to patients in a manner they prefer, transforming the traditional ‘Brick and Mortar’ healthcare system. Boston based global telehealth technology services provider, American Well, has been a pioneer in bringing care into the home or workplace of patients. “We’ve made online doctor visits accessible to everyone for common ailments like colds or infections, and chronic condition management, such as diabetes or depression,” begins Roy Schoenberg, CEO, American Well.

The firm’s direct-to-consumer web and mobile telehealth application, Amwell, connects patients and verified physicians within their state available for live visits through video, supplemented by secure text chat and phone. American Well's telehealth app is widely deployed by several health systems and health plan providers to address gaps in care such as improving post discharge or post surgical follow-up. American Well is also used by enterprises as ‘Employer Practice’ into their benefits package for reducing medical cost and work time for employees. Amwell expands the geographic reach of specialists and reduces travel burden for home bound patients. The application manages patient populations more easily and effectively with tools that reach into homes and workplaces to make follow-up easier, decrease readmissions, and improve health.

In addition, American Well’s next generation product line AW9 packages a wide suite of features like the mobile Software Development Kit (SDK), Multiway video, Insight, Telemed Side¬kick App, and Scheduling. The multiway video conferencing option is designed to simultaneously connect patients with multiple physicians and specialists, and the SDK enables users to incorporate telemedicine consults into patient portals and other apps.

We’ve made online doctor visits accessible to everyone for common ailments like colds or infections, and chronic condition management, such as diabetes or depression

“The SDK allows any company with a consumer-facing health application to embed online doctor visits into that app – making telehealth an integral part of their own brand experience,” says Schoenberg. Likewise, the mobile sidekick app helps doc¬tors to share photos of x-rays or patient history with a specialist through American Well’s Telemed tablet ensuring compliance and patient privacy. On-demand self-scheduling option allows patients to schedule their care as per their convenience.

American Well has augmented numerous health care organizations, ranging from local rural medical clinics to global health plan providers to deliver non-emergent healthcare services at distant or rural areas. Recently Cleveland Clinic has leveraged American Well’s telemedicine service for its new video visit application ‘MyCare Online’ that offers round the clock online healthcare service for Ohio State. “We’ve all been in situations where our doctor’s office is closed and we don’t know if we should go to the hospital,” says Dr. Peter Rasmussen, medical director for distance health, Cleveland Clinic. “MyCare Online app has made care tremendously convenient as there’s no need to drive anywhere.” If medically indicated, a prescription can be sent electronically to the pharmacy of the patient’s choosing.

American Well is committed to deliver superior consumer healthcare experience. “We reduce administrative burden and redundancy by integrating with third-party systems,” says Schoenberg. The company strives to reduce wait times and promote consumer engagement by giving patients insight into and control of their health records. Moving forward, with the constant commitment for innovation, American Well aims to become the definitive telemedicine service provider for healthcare organizations by bringing the patients and physicians closer.