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Analyte Health: Re-Inventing the Healthcare Experience

Franklin R. Cockerill III, MD CEO, Analyte HealthFranklin R. Cockerill III, MD CEO, Analyte Health
Telehealth is rapidly evolving as a convenient and low cost option for patients. But until recently, physicians providing these services did not have access to laboratory testing. Franklin R. Cockerill III, MD, the CEO of Analyte Health, states, “Seventy per cent of diagnoses are made by laboratory testing. We realized there was an acute need to deliver the power of laboratory diagnostics to the telehealth ecosystem. This is not an easy thing to do but our pioneering efforts in this field have paid off.” Analyte Health takes telehealth to the next level by providing doctors and their patients the digital platform required for rapid and convenient laboratory testing; doctors are able to provide accurate diagnoses and actionable paths to treatment for a complete, high quality virtual care visit.

Typically, the average wait to see a physician in the U.S. is 19 days, plus approximately one week to receive test results. Not only is this process difficult to navigate, but by the time a physician is able to make a diagnosis and write a prescription, the entire process could take up to one month. Analyte Health’s goal is to partner with telehealth providers and clinical laboratories to seamlessly incorporate laboratory testing into the virtual consult, while maintaining the simplicity of the process for both patients and physicians. Their dynamic, customizable, and flexible solutions allow providers to improve their continuum of care. In the telehealth system, the patient virtually interacts with a physician. If further evidence is needed to make a diagnosis, the physician digitally orders a test, and they wait for the results that typically are available within 72 hours. Cockerill explains, “Our integrated solution connects these dots by converting the steps into a virtual process that seamlessly connects the patient, physician and laboratory.

The ecosystem developed by Analyte Health, electronically provides the patient with testing options, including home collection of the specimen

We provide the patient a convenient way to get the testing done by connecting them to the specimen collection centers in their locale or the specimen can even be collected in the convenience of their home.” Analyte Health’s customizable lab test panels are developed by industry experts, across a broad spectrum of conditions including acute, chronic, preventive and behavioral health.

Analyte Health offers a variety of solutions to improve patient care by resolving logistical, technological and communication challenges. As part of their offering, Analyte Health provides concierge support for patients to ensure continuity between the patient and the lab. About 60 percent of first-time users have questions or need assistance at some point in the process and Analyte Health provides Care Advisors who are available by phone seven days a week. Patients give Analyte Health high customer service ratings (Net Promoter Score of 70 or higher) for their combination of convenience with virtual access and the concierge approach that guides the patient through the entire process. “The ecosystem developed by Analyte Health virtually provides the patient with testing and collection of laboratory specimen when and where they need it,” affirms Cockerill.

Analyte Health sees themselves as an agnostic platform that will continue to create new channels for laboratory testing. With 70 percent of consumers preferring a virtual diagnosis, they see clinical laboratory testing as the natural progression for quality virtual care. As technology and consumer expectations continue to evolve, they will help their partners gain access to new markets, providing patients private, convenient, and seamless healthcare alternatives to improve access and quality of care.