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Ankota: Reimagining the Next-generation of Home Care

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Ken Accardi, CEO and Founder, AnkotaKen Accardi, CEO and Founder, Ankota
“Seventy-five percent of health care spending is on the care of people with chronic diseases, which by definition can’t be cured. While doctors and hospitals are great, the focus needs to be on avoiding preventable hospitalizations,” begins, Ken Accardi, CEO and founder of Ankota. Moreover, hospitals cannot support patients or provide them quality care after discharge, which can create a gap in patient care and lead to unnecessary hospitalization in the future. This gap can be filled by home health caregivers. But the home healthcare is today a complex network of invoices, payments, and treatments, which require careful tracking and management. Due to this, caregivers are unable to provide consistent assistance because of the administrative burden of creating a day-to-day schedule, booking, care plan, electronic visit verification (EVV), billing, and payroll.

Accardi’s headstrong motivation to change scenarios like this led him to establish Ankota. The company’s suite of management software is designed to help care agencies, AAAs, and other organizations to prioritize at-risk geriatric and recently discharged population and prevent unnecessary hospitalization.

The key solution of Ankota, Home Health Scheduling Optimization/ EVV uses straightforward algorithms to assign the home visits to licensed practical nurses as per the level of skill required for each patient’s care and avail registered nurses for emergency cases. Additionally, Ankota automates patient notification regarding home visits and confirmation registration by the organization. The software also helps clinical staff to select the best possible routes to visit patients and optimize the visitation time.

We are connecting the business with home care providers who are closest to the patient

As businesses adopt mobile-first services, Ankota is not far behind. With Ankota, clinicians can now perform EVV services on the phone as well as receive turn-by-turn directions through their app. The software also has voice authentication for personnel and consumers.

Organizations such as area agencies on aging (AAA) leverage Ankota’s software to assess the level-of-care for multiple care programs as well as schedule phone assessments and annual reassessments. With this solution, organizations can optimize their meals-on-wheels program as Ankota’s software provides them the best route to reach seniors across large areas. With the company’s easy-to-use and intuitive software, caregivers can efficiently configure a care transition plan, coordinate transitions to a safe home with prescribed medication, and schedule follow-up phone or in-person assessment.

A befitting example of Ankota’s proficiency can best be explained through its interaction with a health system client that provides services to over 400 patients. The efficiency of the client’s health clinical team was often compromised by scheduling, notifying and plotting routes to meet the patients at their home as this cumbersome process often created time and staffing constraints. On implementing Ankota’s software suite, the client was able to reassign the best clinicians according to their skills, availability, and geography to the patients as per their care requirements. The client was also able to automate the visits notification and patient confirmation process. Ankota’s advanced scheduling algorithm enabled them to reduce overhead costs and helped the clinical staff to concentrate more on providing quality service.

Ankota is collaborating with FHS SeniorCare Payment Solutions and BluePay to create a seamless agency management, billing, and payment collection system. On a concluding note, Accardi says, “We are connecting the business with home care providers who are closest to the patient, and we have a route optimization component.”