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AntWorks: Aligning Operations to Enhance Medical Outcomes

Asheesh Mehra, CEO, AntWorksAsheesh Mehra, CEO, AntWorks
Asheesh Mehra, CEO of AntWorks, is an avid scuba diver and F1 enthusiast. His life philosophy of FRESH, FEARLESS and FAST is amply visible in his maiden entrepreneurial venture, AntWorks—a technology and services firm, specializing in providing solutions to the healthcare sector. The company aims to strike-off the word ‘inefficiency’ from healthcare business’ operations by pioneering technological solutions—Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and Technology as a Service (TaaS). Mehra emphasizes that the amount of documentation and paperwork required of medical practices staff is overwhelming; thereby, providing AntWorks the opportunity to reduce their burden by automating the manual processes through its Practice Management Solutions (PMS). These solutions also streamline the front and back-office tasks to improve efficiency, timeliness and resource productivity. “Observing the escalating volumes of data and the potential of big data to drive business, our PMS incorporates data analytics services to enhance provider productivity, and shorten the revenue cycle. In short, streamlined office management means more money for the practice, and faster time-to-money,” says Mehra.

Having created a strong foothold in the medical software industry, AntWorks has gone on to develop the Benchmark Dashboard that displays Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for practices, on their home screen giving an overview of their financial health. “To ease administrative operations, our Electronic Remittance Filing software provides a one stop platform—to store, retrieve, and reference all electronic remittances,” cites Mehra. This eliminates the need to have overflowing cabinets burdened with paper remittances taking up expensive and valuable office real estate. These digital transactions are further linked with the associated patients and services to allow access to information, anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, the company’s Claims Management Dashboard makes it possible for practices to perform claim follow-ups seamlessly, without exiting the software. “Our Claims Management software provides real-time claim statuses from the clearing house and the payer, to quickly identify and fix errors, as well as re-bill claims with ease,” asserts Mehra.

Whether for the healthcare industry, or industry agnostic as-a-service solutions that reduce cost, every AntWorks step is aimed at eliminating industry challenges with innovative simplicity

The software also delivers real-time statuses of all outstanding balances within the practice.

AntWorks maps these solutions to cater to a wide range of market segments within the healthcare industry. Whether it is a health insurance company, hospital chain, or specialty clinic, AntWorks has specialized offerings to support requirements from infertility treatment practice, to quality control.

Mehra specifies that since the development of PMS software imbibing valuable inputs from their internal RCM practice, the product that has come into the market is very conducive and tailored to the needs of medical billing companies and their unique processes. A success story for AntWorks–Lung and Wellness Centers of Western Pennsylvania was struggling with a third-party biller that had not been able to meet the collection expectations of the Center. After switching to AntWorks, implementing its RCM solution in mid-2015, Lung and Wellness Centers saw an increase of about 43 percent in collections, spread over two quarters. The company’s other illustrious clients include the likes of Advent Medical Group, Healthcare Partners, and Seattle Pain.

Focused on a customer-centric approach, Mehra believes in maintaining zero-distance from customers to ensure a faster and fearless delivery of new and highly customized technologies and business processes to them. With a strategic eye out on the market, AntWorks products and service offerings are focused on enhancing customer satisfaction. Constant innovation and exemplary service has bagged the company a sizeable chunk of the market pie. Not resting on its laurels, Antworks is now planning a strategic entry into the international healthcare IT space and aspires to continue focusing on core ambulatory private clinics, while stepping into the acute care space.