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Aurotech: Providing Leading Data Management Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

Scott Fischer, Director of Information Governance, AurotechScott Fischer, Director of Information Governance, Aurotech
Document and records management in the healthcare industry has progressed rapidly over the past decade, particularly when it comes to the consolidation of electronic data. Just a few years ago, patient data was siloed based on department. Now, systems are consolidated so that full patient medical history can be viewed by any healthcare provider in any department. With these advancements, software solutions have constantly been developed and updated to meet the ever-changing needs of healthcare data management.

Aurotech has been at the forefront of finding the right record management solutions for their commercial and federal customers since 2006. As Scott Fischer, Aurotech’s Director of Information Governance, says, “Our focus is on finding the best solutions available. We provide expertise based on need, rather than a specific solution or software.” Since every customer’s needs are different, Aurotech begins by ascertaining their customer’s needs and determining the best products to meet those needs.

Aurotech’s approach to customer care is straightforward. First, they go in and speak with management to determine their needs. Then, Aurotech interviews the employees who use the systems every day to determine their specific pain points. As Fischer explains, “This approach allows us to match management’s strategic vision with the tactical needs of the people on the ground.”

One of Aurotech’s ongoing customers is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). One project with the FDA required Aurotech to go in and help them rewrite their records management policies.

Our strength is always learning the new cutting-edge technology, so we’re ready when it comes out

Aurotech began by interviewing dozens of people, from records keepers and management right up to policy-makers. These people were using many different types of software, and there was no standardization between divisions.

Aurotech’s goal, in this case, was to make records keeping as standardized as possible across the organization. They successfully helped the FDA revise its current records management policies and develop new policies as well.

Aurotech works closely with every single customer to rewrite policies, select the right software solutions, and install and implement that software. However, they also offer ongoing tiered support. With Tier 1 support, Aurotech puts the people in place to operate the systems they install. This support includes the day-to-day operation of the software and a helpdesk to serve the organization’s users. If problems arise for their customers, Aurotech will step in as the first line of support, or they will ensure Tier 2 (engineers) or Tier 3 (developers) vendor support as available.

Aurotech sends their people for training and attends conferences on an ongoing basis so that they can keep up with the latest technological developments. This way, they always have the very best to offer their customers. Aurotech recently added a new data management product, one they didn’t offer last year. This product takes vast amounts of data and breaks it up into a cluster wheel for examination. Six months ago, Aurotech did not feel this product was ready. Now it is, and this is what Aurotech does best. As Fischer puts it, “Our strength is always learning the new cutting-edge technology, so we’re ready when it comes out.”

While Fischer can’t predict what product developments will be coming down the pipe in the next five years, he says, “It is safe to assume that we will have the software our customers need, no matter what changes have come about.”