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Auxilio: Enhancing Patient Care through Seamless Security Practices

Joe Flynn,  CEO, AuxilioJoe Flynn, CEO, Auxilio
With the importance of providing right information to individuals at the right time, the healthcare sector has been shifting towards Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. As EHR is capable of bringing down the costs, several hospitals are embracing it to offer better healthcare services. Even though advancements in electronic healthcare has minimized costs and facilitated efficient operations, protecting patient data is a daunting task for several organizations. Auxilio, a Mission Viejo, CA based company is addressing this challenge by delivering efficiency across an organization through information security and healthcare IT advisory solutions. “Our team brings nationwide strong talent, knowledge and people in top hospitals together to transform organizational capabilities for the future of a digital healthcare world,” states Joe Flynn, CEO, Auxilio.

Founded in 2004 by a team of experts, Auxilio has a portfolio of over 120 hospital campuses and manages over 1.3 billion documents annually from over 60,000 devices. The company caters to the security requirements of healthcare organizations by streamlining the design process of security functions. “As our portfolio grew to over 100 hospitals, our affiliation within healthcare grew as well. We support hospitals and health systems according to the growing data security needs as per Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and thwart cyber-attacks,” states Flynn.

Auxilio executes the assessments, as defined by HIPAA, through the Delphiis IT Risk Manager SaaS solution. This security risk management solution reduces the risks involved in EHR by taking actionable steps. Delphiis IT Risk Manager speeds up the assessment process and ensures that the risks are eradicated within a short span of time. It streamlines workflow and understands the risks involved in data, thereby providing IT and non-IT executives the power to make intelligent business decisions regarding risks around an organization’s business objectives.

Likewise, Redspin, a subsidiary of Auxilio, executes penetration testing and IT security audits for clients to protect critical data, web applications, maintain compliance, and reduce overall risk.

“We communicate these vulnerabilities through our well defined reports, which help clients understand the risk-adjusted order with actionable recommendations to remedy or mitigate risks,” states Flynn. The company’s reports help their clients in allocating and directing appropriate resources towards improving information and network security, and promoting a culture of security awareness within the organization.

With in-depth knowledge on security, Auxilio intends to continue training and developing its team of experts around the challenges faced by healthcare systems today and in the future. The company desires to invest in local communities, institutions, and people to offer an exclusive healthcare experience. Furthermore, Auxilio is passionate about providing excellent patient care and high quality, meaningful customer service. “We have an intimate understanding of an organization’s challenges and work as a team to develop and maintain the solutions you need to protect and operate more efficiently,” acknowledges Flynn.

We communicate the vulnerabilities in our reports in a prioritized, risk-adjusted order with actionable recommendations to remedy or mitigate risks

Going forward, the company is planning to expand its security portfolio services to develop proprietary world-class programs and solutions that meet industry-wide requirements and improve health system infrastructures. “We acquired Delphiis through which we will broaden our horizon in the security solutions space down the line,” concludes Flynn.