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Axiad IDS: Addressing the Compliance Gap

Yves Audebert, Chairman, President, Co-CEO & Co-founder, Axiad IDSYves Audebert, Chairman, President, Co-CEO & Co-founder, Axiad IDS
“The journey that got us where we are today was a result of identifying the best existing technologies that should be part of our solution, rather than re-inventing the wheel,” expresses Yves Audebert, Chairman, President, Co-CEO and Co-founder, Axiad IDS. “By having the best-in-class technologies in place, we built a team to support deployment and a channel to sell our solutions.” Audebert beams as he recollects the stream of time and change that Axiad IDS crossed since its inception. Founded by a team of experts with extensive experience and strong industry knowledge, Axiad IDS has garnered recognition as an important player in the Identity Assurance domain by leveraging its experience to address numerous challenges within the compliance space.

“In the present era, healthcare organizations are in need of a range of credentials based on their risk/threat profile and they also require flexibility to deploy solutions pertinent to their user population (identity assurance levels, authentication levels, etc.),” says Audebert. Most CIOs face the daunting task of ensuring their company’s identity assurance needs are met. Axiad’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions are easy and fast to deploy, simple for the end-user to utilize, and do not jeopardize the higher-security objective of customers. The firm combines technologies such as mobility, biometrics, tokens, and behaviors to enhance the user experience, without compromising security. “Our approach starts with what customers need from a business and security perspective; we then build solutions to address those needs,” says Audebert.

Axiad ID Cloud—a modular identity solution platform from Axiad IDS helps organizations cost-effectively implement and manage a mix of user credentials with a range of assurance and authentication levels that meet the unique needs of any organization.

Our approach starts with what customers need from a business and security perspective; we then build solutions that address these needs

The solution provides strong authentication, secure e-mail on desktop and mobile devices, flexible authentication options (including OATH-compliant hardware, software tokens), and smart card life cycle management. “Our Axiad ID Cloud is well suited to address mandates because it is easy to deploy, reduces risk, lowers upfront investment, and is highly secure,” says Audebert. For example, Axiad assisted a large organization that split into two separate organizations. With Axiad ID Cloud, the client’s management team was able to confidently divide the access to data while still residing in the same building with zero time delay.

Additionally, Axiad IDS helps enterprises meet multi-factor authentication needs including those mandated by NIST SP800-171. “We also offer a comprehensive set of products and services to enable issuance, usage and management of PIV, CAC, PIV-I and CIV credentials across government agencies, government contractors, and enterprises,” adds Audebert.

For instance, a ‘big four’ global consulting firm turned to Axiad IDS to help it comply with the U.S. Department of Education Compliance requirement to protect Student Loan information using smart card based two-factor authentication (PIV-I). Imperative to the firm’s ability to do business with the U.S. government, Axiad ID Cloud helped the firm implement a fully compliant solution in just three weeks.

Axiad IDS is constantly making investments in Axiad ID Cloud as well as its innovative high assurance and high security solutions to ensure it has the flexibility required to meet the needs of a range of users. “We are excited to be a part of the wave of innovation coming to identity assurance. In the coming year we will see increasing focus on mobility, biometrics and behaviors, and Axiad IDS will be at the forefront of this change,” concludes Audebert.