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John Olajide, President and CEO, AxxessJohn Olajide, President and CEO, Axxess
The geriatrics community is growing at an unprecedented rate, and so is the need for efficient home-based healthcare. It is evident that to keep pace with the intensifying demand for quality healthcare at home, the need of the hour is an innovative healthcare solution that can streamline operations and improve people’s lives in the process. While most other solutions fail to tick off all the boxes when it comes to delivering the same, Texas-based Axxess emerges as the partner of choice for most healthcare providers and agencies with their preeminent solution and services. One of the fastest-growing home healthcare technology company, Axxess provides solutions that enhance care for more than two million patients in North America and are trusted by more than 7,000 organizations. Offering a comprehensive suite of ingenious, easy-to-use, and cloud-based software solutions, the company empowers home care, home health, and hospice providers to expand their business while catering to the evolving needs of the market.

Established in 2007 with a focus on the home healthcare industry, Axxess has its roots firmly embedded in consulting and software development. In 2008, Axxess built and included Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software to meet and support the billing needs of home health organizations nationwide. By the year 2011, Axxess had launched its proprietary cloud-based software—AgencyCore—followed by its first enterprise mobile application in 2014. Axxess identified early on the unfulfilled need in the industry for software that is fully-integrated, comprehensive, user-friendly, and scalable and its solutions are designed to rise to the need. To this end, the company has brought together a multi-disciplinary team of technology experts and home health agency veterans and professionals including physicians, therapists, and nurses.

Effective Patient Care at Fingertips

Axxess’ home health solution comes with easy and intuitive scheduling tools for real-time collaboration, scheduling and tracking visits in real time. One can schedule new visits, view upcoming visits, document missed visits and much more along with receiving automatic updates. Care providers are equipped with real-time access to care plans and secure agency-clinician communication, in addition, to visit verification at the point of care. Capturing patient signatures, caregivers can ensure compliance and eliminate potential fraud. Further, they can choose to work online or offline, maximize reimbursements, and plan visits with a color-coded calendar. The OASIS-ready application can be seamlessly integrated with Axxess’ cloud-based software, Agencycore, to empower clinicians in the field with the ability to securely document comprehensive patient assessments while providing care. It also comes with HIPAA-compliant and secure messaging system to help caregivers stay connected at all times while gaining immediate access to the right information.

To streamline operations for every department and continuously improve performance, the novel solution provides caregivers with quality assurance. It can improve accuracy, get the most out of reimbursements, and save time by ensuring accurate claims. With its compliance-driven workflows, the solution enables providers to stay survey-ready and compliant while allowing clinicians to finish documentation quickly anytime, anywhere.

Axxess’ revenue cycle management solution automates claims processing so that caregivers can focus on providing care and growing their business. It allows care providers to bill any insurance payor electronically, monitor operations through fully-integrated, powerful reporting dashboards, obtain real-time Medicare eligibility status with detailed explanations and access claims on any platform in real time.

In terms of financial reporting, the Axxess team understands the impact that inaccurate documentation or inefficient billing processes have on an organization’s financial health. As such, the company’s automated financial reporting solution is geared toward helping healthcare providers run their business efficiently by automatically submitting and tracking claims from anywhere at any time.

Besides, they have access to robust reporting for monitoring performance indicators at a glance and process, track and fix claims in real time to capture all the revenue and reduce overhead by eliminating time-consuming processes.

Similarly, Axxess’ HomeCare mobile solution, designed for both iOS and Android can be effortlessly integrated with its home care software to empower field staff to securely verify visits at the point of care, view scheduled tasks, communicate in real time, and get directions to client homes. Besides offering the ease and convenience of cloud-based software, the solution serves as a one-stop-shop to manage the needs of care providers. Further, it streamlines operations by reducing the paperwork and managing processes from intake to billing while ensuring compliance by verifying visits at the point of care in real time.

One of the fastest-growing home healthcare technology company, Axxess provides solutions that enhance care for more than two million patients in North America and are trusted by more than 7,000 organizations

Built from the ground up for an interdisciplinary care team, the custom-built Axxess Hospice solution facilitates the delivery of quality patient care with its schedule, message, and billing center. While the schedule center brings Easy and intuitive scheduling tools to the table for managing the critical needs of an interdisciplinary group (IDG) Plan of Care, the Innovative HIPAA-compliant message center comes with individual and group chat system for secure messaging and real-time care coordination. The billing center, on the other hand, offers built-in tools for quick claim review to ensure faster payment and timely submission.

The Path to Patient Engagement

Axxess’ CMS-approved Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System (CAHPS) survey process powered by its proprietary technology allows real-time delivery of patient perspectives on the care they receive. This, in turn, provides opportunities for deeper and more meaningful patient interactions, leading to improved outcomes through automated data upload, real-time data collection, intuitive reports, and best practice resources for quality improvement.

With OASIS Analysis, clinicians get real-time alerts during documentation, which enable them to correct errors/inconsistencies and remain compliant with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) standards thereby enhancing chances for optimal reimbursement. It provides clinicians with enhanced documentation accuracy, increased reimbursement, enhanced compliance, automatic integration with electronic health record (EHR). In addition, Axxess provides intuitive reports on key performance indicators (KPI) in real time along with detailed, in-depth data to help discern opportunities for improvement. Also, all required state and national data and benchmarking tools are provided to help healthcare organizations succeed.

With regard to staffing, the company’s AxxessCARE solution connects agencies using the Axxess software with qualified clinicians to provide timely care. It allows agencies to accept more referrals, reach more qualified clinicians, tailor care to patient needs, and ensure compliance with quality care. On the other hand, clinicians can apply for visits on the AxxessCARE application that are convenient as per their schedule and location at desired rates.

Empowering Caregivers with Expert Tips and Best Practices

Axxess Resources are comprised of help center, on-demand videos, OASIS-D, white papers, blog, and news. While the help center empowers healthcare agencies with expert answers and the knowledge they need to grow their business, the on-demand videos equip them with the knowledge they need for success. OASIS-D has recently come to effect in the home health industry with new regulations and requirements and with Axxess Resources, industry professionals can ensure accurate, high-quality data collection. With white papers, blog, and news, care providers and agencies can get access to in-depth presentations on relevant topics that affect their business, thought-provoking conversations on essential topics, and quick insight into crucial issues and events.

As the technology and home healthcare industry continues to evolve, Axxess aims to be laser-focused on developing new software and other technology solutions that will help its clients to work more efficiently and anticipate and prepare for changes.