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Barrier1: Fortifying Healthcare with Intelligent Threat Management

Jim Libersky, President, Barrier1Jim Libersky, President, Barrier1
The healthcare sector has been subjected to attacks, explicitly targeted toward hospitals and medical institutions, despite the adoption of versatile digital solution sets and technological innovations. Today, caregivers are equipped with tablets and workstations to engage patients better, thereby adding abundant information sets through case files, CT scans, or MRI scans with sensitive patient data that needs to be protected against cyber attacks. Therefore, a comprehensive, secure, and intelligent security framework is crucial to thwart these challenges and deliver a seamless patient experience. On a mission to safeguard healthcare networks against such malicious infringements, Barrier1 features a real-time intelligent threat management platform to prevent both known and unknown cyber threats.

Barrier1 offers a real-time sensor-based AI and deep learning solution to identify and prevent a multitude of cyber attacks at various points on a network. “We empower healthcare providers with a new generation of advanced multi-vector analysis, instantaneous reaction, and defensive capabilities,” states Jim Libersky, president of Barrier1. The company’s onboard Advanced Analytic Reaction Engine (AARE), running multi-layered sensor-based algorithms, can inspect, analyze, and react to the cyber threats in real time. Its patented Automated Threat Management (ATM) module examines critical information on a customer network, including data from third-party routers and switches, effectively blocking threats in real time. Barrier1’s sophisticated analytic engine is designed from the ground up, allowing its algorithms to boost the accuracy of the solution without slowing down enterprise systems.

A comprehensive network security solution that can analyze the entire network, the Barrier1 platform is the first of its kind in the market with rigorous protocols that provide a valid, accurate, and affordable cybersecurity strategy for healthcare providers.

We empower healthcare providers with a new generation of advanced, multi-vector analysis, instantaneous reaction, and defensive capabilities

To begin with, the company commences its operations with a proof of concept to understand clients’ existing architecture and design a security solution customized to their specific needs. Post implementation, the solution is maintained in ‘a listening mode’ for a whole business cycle, familiarizing the analytics engine with the existing architecture and ensuring that it synchronizes with the client’s network. “Our engine inspects the traffic and content on the network to devise the most effective and accurate methods to identify malware, viruses, bots, and more within just 12 microseconds. Besides, the analytic engine can also assess the entire flow of data to learn and remember threats and counter attacks,” explains Libersky.

The real-time intelligent threat management is at the crux of every Barrier1 solution, and this allows the company to deliver inspections in real time, regardless of the network topology. However, the ingenuity of this module stems from the speed and accuracy of its sensors and its ability to govern all the components of a network from the ground up. The holistic threat management solution fulfills vital prerequisites of high-usability, speed, and performance of network architectures without stacking it with add-ons or beefed up servers such that it can quickly identify and prevent an unknown malware infringement in real time.

On a constant quest to optimize the security framework of its clients while improvising on its portfolio of solutions and services, Barrier1 is developing and testing new algorithms that overhaul enterprise architectures to brace clients against more modern threats and anomalies. The company looks forward to engaging in various partnerships to identify, understand, and counter evolving threats such as denial-of-service attacks, empowering healthcare providers with a resolute methodology to inspect, analyze, and react to threats efficiently.