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BEGO: At the Vanguard of Digital Dental Technology

Axel Klarmeyer, President and Frederick Horstkotte, COO, BEGO USA, BEGOAxel Klarmeyer, President and Frederick Horstkotte, COO, BEGO USA, BEGO
Founded as a family-owned company in 1890, BEGO is a blend of tradition and pioneering spirit incentivizing an obligation for its clients, management, and employees. Since its inception 128 years ago, the company has demonstrated a sheer commitment to the well-being and health of patients through adaptability and change while also upholding a healthy financial posture. BEGO has been instrumental in navigating clients through the digital dental technology and displays an impressive track record in the dental industry with the innovation and patents for 3-D printing utilizing metal powder (Selective Laser Melting technique) and producing crowns and bridges as precursors for dental labs for over two decades. Additionally, BEGO was one of the first dental companies to offer 3-D printing solutions in order to print dental restorations made from resins directly in the lab.

Today, BEGO has laid the cornerstone for an agile company to shorten its innovation cycle and to impact the dental industry with its rich, knowledge-filled history and unique 3-D printing solutions. “Our refined products, in-depth experience regarding dental lab processes, and apt client services are what make us stand out in the dental industry,” states Axel Klarmeyer, President of BEGO, USA.

Klarmeyer also points out that the ability of 3-D printers to deliver accurate 3-D models of a dentition is a real game changer for adapting prosthesis and implants with the patient’s morphology. As the rapid advancements in technology disrupt the marketplace time and time again, the management leads the team at BEGO to propel the dental industry into the future to new, innovative 3-D printing products. Simplifying and streamlining the transition from conventional processing in traditional dental labs to a digital format is exactly what BEGO specializes in.

BEGO adopts cutting-edge technology to proffer a unique selling proposition comprising robust, dynamic 3-D dental fabrication with comprehensive process documentation. This documentation serves as a step-by-step guide for lab technicians to achieve the desired results. BEGO’s 3-D digital light processing (DLP) printer, Varseo S, features an innovative cartridge system that enables dental labs to change the printing material in mere seconds. The company’s primary focus is on maintaining strict Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Medical Device Regulations (MDR) compliance with the validated processes— from scanning to finishing, and process documentation across the globe.

BEGO leverages detailed technology screening to connect with R&D facilities around the world, stays updated and adopts the latest technological advancements and improvements into DLP printers for enhanced speed and accuracy. “We provide most of our clients entering the digital dental marketplace with cost-effective products and services for a peek into the limitless future powered by speed and accuracy,” says Frederick Horstkotte, COO of BEGO, USA.

BEGO’s client engagement process begins with understanding their requirements, imparting knowledge about the return on investment (ROI) and guiding the clients through economical scenarios succeeding the implementation of digital technology into dental processes. “We provide our clients with a total solution approach that comprehends the challenges faced by the dental industry, driving efficient sales and support throughout the marketplace,” Horstkotte adds. Recently, a dental lab owner, employing traditional dental solutions was faced with challenges pertaining to casting capacity and streamlining dental processes, approached BEGO to begin his transition into digital dentistry. The company’s experience-rich team analyzed the lab’s cast and original dental process to effectively guide the transition into 3-D printing with apt casting materials. “The lab owner was a bit skeptical about implementing 3-D printing. But once he grasped the ROI from 3-D printing, he gave us the green light and is now one of our prized clients,” recalls Horstkotte.

Scripting similar success stories, BEGO strives to leverage its registered 3-D printing materials to enable dental labs to print the foundation for ready-to-go teeth for final restoration of a patient’s dentition. Moving forward, BEGO is all set to unveil its new generation of 3-D printers at the International Dental Show (IDS), in Cologne next March.