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Samuel Brooks, COO, BEYOND InternationalSamuel Brooks, COO, BEYOND International
“A smile reveals your confidence; that confidence makes you more attractive; we help you smile with confidence,” begins Samuel Brooks, COO of BEYOND International. As a global leader in aesthetic dentistry, the firm brings a paradigm shift in the teeth whitening space by leveraging cutting edge technologies to develop professional teeth whitening systems and related consumables. It delivers teeth whitening accelerators, kits and toothpaste that suit the need of every dentist.

The company carefully evaluated the market worldwide soon after opening in 2003.Realizing that sensitivity from treatments, time-consuming processes, and unsatisfactory condition of teeth after treatment are some of the major challenges in this space, the firm developed its own halogen-based bleaching light tool with fiber optic and UV filtration to rectify those constraints. The result has been BEYOND enjoying a leadership role for teeth whitening ever since.

BEYOND International’s solutions are designed to mitigate the challenges associated with the traditional teeth whitening systems, giving an edge over its competitors. The firm’s offerings eliminate the possibilities for being sensitized—either due to lights or gels. This adjustable, digital, elegant, and uniquely designed system titled “whitening accelerator,” makes teeth whitening simple, affordable, and healthy. “Our first-of-its-kind game-changing Polus series of whitening accelerators received the Top Whitening System award from Dental Advisor consecutively for the last 9 years,” adds Brooks. The Polus Advanced Whitening Accelerator’s high-intensity halogen source delivers a beam of light between 480-520 nanometer range, delivered through over 200,000 optic fibers, which aids in providing superior results. 30 coated lens filters out all harmful heat and UV light. With its dual-arch power whitening option, the light output settings can be adjusted according to individual needs. The use of dual-barrel syringes makes it easy to operate and the built-in air purifier reduces airborne pollutants.

Our first-of-its-kind game-changing Polus series of whitening accelerators received top whitening system award from Dental Advisor consecutively for the last 9 years

Lastly, the strength of the light allows the practitioner to greatly reduce the overall chair time and incidences of sensitivity compared with competitors in the market.

Seeing a variety of teeth condition for patients throughout the globe, the firm first concentrated on delivering a combination of in-office and take home kits to cater to tetracycline and fluorosis cases. As the treatment portfolio expanded, so did the line of teeth whitening products to better encompass the needs of each and every patient. For in-office teeth whitening, BEYONDInternational delivers 35 percent hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-concentrated kits that include everything needed for dentists and patients. In addition, the company’s OSMO kit features a safe, advanced formula gel that can be used without gingival protection to offer professional results in 36 minutes. In terms of take home solutions, BEYOND International provides a gentle 6 percent H2O2formula for patients who want an extended session of teeth whitening. The firm’s Gemini home whitening system ensures fresh, safe, and brilliant results in one hour.

Furthermore, upon researching the capability of ultrasound in teeth whitening, BEYOND International launches its patent pending devices—Polus Advanced Ultra and the more economical BEYOND II Ultra, a combination of both light and ultrasound. This enables the firm to reduce the treatment time, deliver good results, and eliminate sensitivity issues. The Polus Advanced Ultra was reviewed by Reality Evaluators and have received a ‘4.2’on the scale, which is the highest in terms of teeth whitening systems. All whitening equipment enjoy an industry-leading three year warranty.

What makes BEYOND International unique is its core focus on teeth whitening solutions and its longstanding experience in the space. This allows the firm to collect a lot of feedback from its wide customer base throughout the world to tailor treatments according to varying needs. In 2015, BEYOND International made a major advance in technology and system upgrades to coincide with the decision to move its manufacturing headquarters from overseas to the U.S. under full FDA and ISO 13485:2016 protocols. The firm’s whitening kits, Pearl White whitening toothpaste and other products are produced domestically, improving the quality of ingredients even further. The company continues to work on the ground with dentists and distributor networks to gather their feedback that can be incorporated into its new systems and product lines coming down the pike. “Moving our consumable production base to our own backyard in Houston allows us to scale up production and better serve our clients,” concludes Brooks.

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Samuel Brooks, COO, BEYOND International

BEYOND International's popular BEYOND Professional Teeth Whitening systems, provide clients with a simple, safe, convenient way to return their teeth to their optimal, natural whiteness in just 30 minutes. Headquartered in Stafford, Texas, U.S.A., BEYOND International Inc. employs the highest standards when developing new products. BEYOND is dedicated to offering the most reliable and affordable aesthetic dental equipment to dental professionals and Spas. BEYOND is renowned for its high quality products and superior marketing and customer strategies