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Biovotion: Actionable Information for Patient and Provider

Andreas Caduff, CEO, BiovotionAndreas Caduff, CEO, Biovotion
In the continuum of care, since doctors cannot constantly monitor their patients, electronic monitoring equipment is vital to track and record critical health parameters. The Switzerland-based Biovotion takes this a step further with their wireless sensor technology and remote patient monitoring.

The wearable solutions offered by Biovotion are designed with a simple user interface that encourages adoption by patients. At the same time, it contains high-level medical technology that provides critical information to healthcare providers. Andreas Caduff, CEO, states, “Biovotion connects patients and providers throughout the continuum of care, from the hospital to homecare.” Their patient-centric solutions incorporate wearable physiology monitors with connected hardware and value-added monitoring services for personalized, disease specific insights.

Driving innovations in healthcare monitoring systems, Biovotion actively promotes the consumerization of healthcare by providing solutions that integrate medical grade quality and reliability with ease-of-use for consumer markets.

Biovotion has started to help improving the lives of patients. “We are able to put monitoring technology into the hands of patients that allows them to be monitored even while they are away from a hospital setting,” says Caduff. Data can be monitored and delivered back to healthcare professionals in an institutionalized manner so that any authorized care provider can analyze the data where needed and together with other specific and relevant medical information, tailor the right treatment.

Caduff was especially impacted by one particular client who had been suffering from many health issues. Despite multiple recommendations from doctors to increase his activity levels, the advice went unheeded.

Biovotion connects patients and providers throughout the care environment, from the hospital to homecare

Upon receiving the Biovotion medical wearable device, he was able to see the real-time information on the display and realized how truly inactive he had become. He began an exercise regime and proactively started to manage his health with the device. When he wasn’t noticing any improvement, the data collected by the device was shared with his doctors. Upon analysis of the data, doctors determined cardiovascular irregularities that lead to a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea that had gone undiagnosed and untreated for years. He was put on a treatment plan, and his health immediately began to improve.

Biovotion’s wearable solutions have been awarded multiple international, prestigious prizes and high-caliber endorsements, including an XPrize award in late 2014. “As a logical sequence, we have moved from technology development and put technology into a framework and into a packaging that is strictly user-centric,” states Caduff. Biovotion was named Europe’s most innovative medical device company by European CEO in December 2015.

With their global view on healthcare, the team at Biovotion believes that there should be no boundaries to good health. Caduff explains, “We are all human, and people everywhere suffer in a similar way. We want to serve in an increasingly globalized role and yet be compliant with local regulations.” To this end, the design of their products involves a basic layer of hardware and software that can be employed under all regulations. It can then be easily adapted and adjusted to conform to local specifications.

Future innovation for Biovotion includes an initiative to incorporate machine learning into their products. This will create a more dynamic platform that will be able to detect small and subtle anomalies in the data over time. Increased cybersecurity and data privacy needs are also in further development to provide patients more and secured control over their data and resulting information. As healthcare and technology continue to advance, Biovotion will keep pace with their goal to provide digital health solutions that support users in keeping a healthy lifestyle, improving healthcare treatment outcomes, and reducing the cost of health provisions.