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Boston Scientific Corporation [NYSE: BSX] : Advancing Life with the Power of Science

Our work is only as meaningful as the lives we make better.” Driven by this motto, Boston Scientific is enhancing human life, one step at a time. Take Bob, a cancer patient, strumming on his guitar after a delicate treatment using an esophageal resection device. Or Kim, a patient with chronic pain, who is enjoying a ride on her horse once again after being treated with spinal cord stimulation. These are two out of tens and hundreds of patients the company has helped get back on their feet.

Headquartered in Marlborough, Boston Scientific is striving every day to bring back the simple joys in life using the power of science. At the helm of medical innovation, the company is solving some of the toughest challenges faced by healthcare organizations. Even in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Boston Scientific is finding new and creative ways to support frontline healthcare professionals by partnering with leading universities, clinicians, and industry peers to advance technologies like the Coventor, an emergency resuscitator, the Pneumask face shield, among many others.

From custom strategies to ready-to-implement solutions, the company is help pave a path toward oncological success. Since its inception more than half a century ago, the company has been on a mission to enhance the quality of care for cancer patients through the development of minimally therapeutic procedures. Through continuous refinement of existing products and procedures, along with investigation and invention of new cancer-treatment technologies, Boston Scientific is empowering healthcare providers all around world to reduce risk, cost, treatment time, and the need for aftercare.

In its oncology care product suite, the company offers a robust set of delivery system offerings, including the Direxion and Direxion HI-FLO Torqueable Microcatheters. With their best-in-class torque rates, high-pressure flow rates, enhanced tip shapes, and hydrophilic coating, the care providers can easily reposition the microcatheter tips without a guidewire and obtain clear imaging with power injections up to 1200 psi.

Among its cancer therapy products, TheraSphere is the most efficient and powerful HCC therapy, which can safely deliver high dose radiation with optimal patient outcomes.TheraSphere’s unique ability to facilitate high dose radiation with fewer spheres allows for maximum absorbed dose and increased tumor response, while preserving healthy tissue. TheraSphere™ Y-90 Glass Microspheres has also been approved by U.S.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).“The FDA approval and the recent NICE recommendation will expand access to TheraSphere, which has demonstrated improvement in both survivability and quality of life through 20 years of clinical trials and real-world outcomes in the more than 70,000 patients globally,” says Peter Pattison, president of Interventional Oncology, Peripheral Interventions, Boston Scientific. “We expect to continue to focus our efforts on bringing this treatment to more patients, both by planning a randomized trial to study the combination of TheraSphere and immunotherapy in patients with HCC not eligible for curative treatments, as well as further investigating the therapy for different cancer segments, including prostate and brain.”

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From market-leading cryoablation systems offering flexibility and control to its radiofrequency product for soft tissue ablation, Boston Scientific offers options for any case to support Interventional Radiologists and their patients. In doing so, the company has made significant investments in new technologies, product pipeline growth and focuses on expanding indications to offer a best-in-class product portfolio. The company is also making giant strides in cardiovascular treatment. Specifically, through its specialized and customized healthcare solutions capability, ADVANTICS, the company is facilitating seamless collaboration to advanced cardiovascular care.

Boston Scientific is quickly cementing its position as an instrumental medical device developer and provider for healthcare organizations all around the globe. Through its unique and best-in-class line of advanced and innovative solutions, the company is determined to alter the trajectory of medical science and leverage its full power in advancing human life.

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Boston Scientific Corporation [NYSE: BSX]

Marlborough, Boston

Peter Pattison, president of Interventional Oncology, Peripheral Interventions, Boston Scientific Corporation [NYSE: BSX]

Boston Scientific works collaboratively to solve healthcare’s toughest problems by developing solutions that matter most to those suffering from debilitating and life threatening conditions and the healthcare professionals who provide their care. Across 100+ countries, the company helps providers deliver care more effectively by reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and expanding access to care in order to help more people in more places live longer, healthier lives. It goes beyond its mission of transforming patient lives by investing in the future and the well-being of its employees and the planet