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Bridge-Tech Medical: Bridging the Data Gap in Healthcare

Terry Davis, CEO, Bridge Tech MedicalTerry Davis, CEO, Bridge Tech Medical
Medical device manufacturers have built-in data ports to electronically export vital data for documentation and analysis. Today, there remains no common protocol standard for retrieving and managing medical device data (MDD).

The majority of hospitals use nurses, respiratory therapists, and other skilled clinical personnel to manually transcribe medical device data either on paper or by keyboard into an EMR template. Given the financial squeeze of decreasing reimbursement and increasing skilled labor costs, an economic opportunity lies hidden in the MDD connectivity gap.

Bridge-Tech Medical provides an affordable, reliable solution that directly retrieves 100% of MDD output and automates the documentation process dramatically improving hospital workflow efficiency. “We enable hospitals to capture 100 percent of medical device output so that complete, accurate data is available for direct input to monitoring platforms, EMR documentation, or research in real time,” says Terry Davis, CEO, Bridge-Tech Medical.

The company provides an all-encompassing plug-and-play solution for streaming, viewing, and validating data, as well as additional note taking. The entire process starts with Bridge-Tech Fusion, a Wi-Fi-enabled interface point which streams medical device data to their Synchrony Data Management System, which standardizes the MDD into clinical format that is published in an easy-to-use dashboard. Clinical departments can determine the specific output parameters relevant to their needs, and Synchrony delivers the data to the appropriate hospital clinical information system.

For example, 10 key parameters may be selected to stream in real time to an ICU monitoring screen, while 40 parameters are selected to stream to a ventilator weaning software platform, while 21 selected data points are pulled to Bridge-Tech’s Clinical-Validation App on a clinician’s tablet for signed EMR documentation.

We enable hospitals to capture 100 percent accurate data from any medical device and distribute it straight to the EMR in real time

Another unique feature of the CV-App lies in its ‘Notes’ capabilities, which allow hospitals to customize unique pre-scripted input forms to document clinical observations and assessments. This makes the entire data validation process easier, faster, and more mistake-free simply because clinicians are using “their own” input language.

“We provide a solution that not only complements the existing work processes at the hospital but makes it far more efficient and accurate,” states Davis. Their automation capability has reduced the manual documentation time-burden from 20 minutes down to just 2. In a hospital with 60 ventilators, that represents over $500,000 savings annually in that device category alone.

Other use cases are abundant. Streaming data to ventilator weaning applications can reduce ventilator-days and reduce length-of-stay. Thus, Bridge-Tech Medical delivers a lot more value to hospitals than just providing data connection. It is an end-to-end medical device data management solution that increases staff efficiency, reduces hospital costs, and delivers on the promise of bridging the gap between medical devices and accurate medical records.

Looking ahead, Bridge-Tech Medical is growing their hospital client base having heavily invested clinical simulation components in the educational sector, as well as developing their technology for medical monitoring data retrieval in the home environment.

“Our goal as a company is to continue to expand our reach in the global healthcare environment and increase the number of supported medical devices to drive efficiency and better patient outcomes,” concludes Davis.