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Matt Mellott, CEO, BrightreeMatt Mellott, CEO, Brightree
The stringent regulations of Medicare and health insurance companies have necessitated hospitals to come up with guidelines to improve patient outcomes and reduce readmissions. The changing guidelines have in turn increased patient inflow to post-acute care facilities that extend care beyond a hospital’s walls. However, the post-acute providers are unable to deliver better care as they end up losing valuable time and money in manually maintaining spreadsheets and multiple management systems to track patient intake and progress.

Matt Mellott, CEO of Brightree says, “Interoperability gives the power to providers to provide the best care they can, starting from the referral source to being able to provide care. The provider can spend more time on patient care than chasing paperwork. “Brightree Home Health Software combines the power of a native iPad point-of-care app and cloud-based back office software. The native iPad point-of-care application enables clinicians to manage their patient data, calendar, create care plans, and documents swiftly, as well as pin records that can be accessed without internet. Alongside, the app includes a smart jump process, which is leveraged by clinicians to access any patient data without breaking the natural workflow.

To further the cause of patient care, Brightree has developed Hospice software that allows hospice facilities to maximize their compliance coverage and operational efficiencies as well as introduce an optimized billing system to drive revenue flow. The software includes mandatory questions by CareTouch Logic, the intelligent engine of Brightree, to guide clinicians through best-practice documentation. It also helps in identifying and addressing issues to meet regulatory requirements.

Interoperability basically gives the power to providers to provide the best care they can starting from the referral source to being able to provide care

Additionally, the software also provides best practice workflow while opening or closing a visit, and enables rules-based scheduling, real-time visibility, and regular updates. Brightree compares a clinician’s documents of visits against care plans to improve the quality of compliance and bring to light the progress of the patients’ health. With all the patient information in a unified platform, clinicians can now access any care changes or history from previous visits seamlessly. Due to this, clients gain confidence in operational efficiency with complete and accurate point-of-care, accurate claims submission, streamlined and errorless documentation, as well as swift bill submission.

In an implementation highlight, Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare was working with templated Word documents to create patient documentation, which was manually filed into folders on a drive. Additionally, data such as medication orders and re-certification were tracked through Excel files that regularly crashed. On top of it, the changing regulations from CMS created further challenges. After implementing Brightree’s solution, the client was able to support its growth from 15 clinicians to 150, eliminate manual processes, meet the constantly changing regulations, and heighten efficiency. “Moving systems can be extremely painful, so it’s important to get on one that can grow and evolve with your organization. And I’m confident that Brightree will continue to do that for us,” testifies Darcie Peacock, CEO of Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare.

Brightree has recently launched a new secure and automated patient engagement platform, First Patient that personalizes the patient experience and drives revenue generation for home medical equipment (HME) providers. To streamline the HME delivery process, Brightree has acquired Apacheta, a company that provides a cloud-based SaaS platform to automate business processes in route sales, field marketing and services, and pick-up and delivery.