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BSG AnalyticsTM LLC (BSGA): Data-Driven Analytics that Focus on the Total Cost of Health Care

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Gerald (Jerry) Frye, CEO, BSG AnalyticsGerald (Jerry) Frye, CEO, BSG Analytics
Strategic health care delivery has become increasingly complex. Continual legislative and regulatory reforms make it difficult for organizations to remain compliant and avoid penalties. Economic and political uncertainty require new approaches, but decision makers don’t understand the entire spectrum of options available to them and often lack the tools to comprehend the financial impact of any changes they make.

BSG Analytics LLC (BSGA) is uniquely situated to help its employers identify and mitigate health plan cost drivers. With more than 30 years of experience working with employers, business coalitions, trade associations, insurers and integrated health care systems, its 360-degree perspective of health care delivery focuses on the interaction of the many interrelated stakeholders, including employees themselves. It understands the difference between clinical risk, actuarial risk, and financial risk, as well as how each impacts health outcomes, productivity and the client’s balance sheet.

“Our approach is straightforward—reliable, comprehensive data is always the starting point,” states Jerry Frye, CEO of BSGA. After carefully assessing the client’s needs, BSGA identifies a positive, reachable outcome and develops an action plan to get there. Whether the target is a benefit design challenge, a network optimization issue, specialty pharmacy costs or improving care for employees with chronic conditions, BSGA combines the resources and expertise of national consulting firms with the flexibility and customized service of smaller firms.

Andy Weier, BSG Analytics
With its unique proprietary data warehouse comprised of employer, provider, carrier, and pharmaceutical data, BSGA can pinpoint key problem areas and work toward solutions.

“BSGA’s differentiator is its people,” Frye mentions. “We hire and retain client-focused individuals who do their very best.”

Our approach is straightforward—reliable, comprehensive data is always the starting point

In a consulting industry obsessed with unit prices, BSGA focuses instead on the total cost of health care, which includes the quality, efficiency and outcomes of the health care delivered. This approach allows its clients to better understand their value proposition.

“Anyone can target unit price, but how does a company compete on the values that matter most to their customers and employees?” asks Frye. BSGA provides local, regional and national benchmarks to help organizations define the value proposition and measure ongoing results clearly. That analysis gives organizations the sound business intelligence they need to validate their decisions. Moreover, by identifying ROI on improvement opportunities, BSGA helps clients efficiently leverage their financial, clinical, and operational performance.

BSGA is an affiliate of The Benefits Services Group, Inc. (BSG®), which was founded in 1987 by Gerald (Jerry) Frye and Donald Vernon. BSG is a full-service employee benefits and wellness consulting and brokerage firm. In 2017, BSG merged with Hausmann-Johnson Insurance, based in Madison, WI.

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BSG Analytics

BSG Analytics

Pewaukee, WI

Gerald (Jerry) Frye, CEO and Andy Weier, BSG Analytics

BSG Analytics (BSGA) is a full-service healthcare analytics company whose clients include provider systems, carriers, coalition groups, advocacy groups and its own brokerage partnership.BSGA gets to the core of what is drivinghealthcarecosts and efficiencies and offers streamlined solutions for controlling those drivers—thereby reducing costs. Our in-depth understanding of what influences behavior and how an employee population consumes healthcare services, allows BSGA to identify what’s working in clients’ programs and where improvements are needed