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C-RAD: Precise Patient Positioning for Quality Life Post-Cancer Treatment

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Tim Thurn, CEO , C-RADTim Thurn, CEO , C-RAD
Medical image guidance has played a crucial role in radiation therapy, contributing to remarkable developments over the past years. Identifying accurate patient positioning using 3D imaging technology has allowed clinical teams to deliver high precision doses of radiation in fewer fractions, targeting the tumour while minimizing damage to the adjacent healthy tissues and organs. Differing from yesteryear treatments that could not accurately pinpoint the target volume, employing the latest medical imaging guidance technology ensures the safety of cancer patients and optimizes the radiation therapy workflow. Offering high-precision patient positioning and real-time motion management, C-RAD gives cancer care and oncology centres the clinical confidence to treat their patients and offer the best quality of life posttreatment.

C-RAD strives to deliver superior oncology treatment to all patients by equipping cancer therapy facilities with cuttingedge surface guided radiation therapy (SGRT) solutions. Its Catalyst systems utilize a 3D camera integrated into the system to capture the patient’s position in real-time, enabling oncologists to deliver high-precision doses of radiation in a microsecond. With a high framerate of 150 times per second, the 3D camera technology captures the actual position of the patient receiving radiation therapy, and the Non-Rigid Registration Algorithm compares it to the reference position as prescribed by the oncologist. This helps the operator align the patient to ensure that the tumour is accurately under at the radiation focal point, assuring an efficient radiotherapy treatment. Therapists can interrupt the radiation beam in real time if the patient’s respiratory movements cause tumours to move out of the direct range of the treatment beam.

The SGRT solutions provider focuses on constant improvement and advancements of its products to be faster, more accurate, and integrated with other treatment technologies, and this drive stems from its foundation as a software company.

This dedication enabled it to develop the Catalyst system’s 3D camera technology to be accurate in sub-millimetres to detect intra-fractional motions for efficient high precision dosages in stereotactic treatments.

Since radiation therapy is a highly personalized treatment, the wrong administration of doses can cause severe harm to the patient. To combat this risk, cancer centres can utilize the company’s cPatient in imaging suites and treatment rooms to automate patient identification. Likewise, cAutoVerify streamlines the workflow within radiotherapy treatments and reduces any chances of human error by integrating with the patient record and verify system (RVS) that stores the history and treatment plan of each patient.

"We firmly believe that this technology is on its way to becoming the standard of care. That means the large majority of radiation therapy clinics will soon adopt this technology into their workflow," says Tim Thurn, CEO of C-RAD.

C-RAD’s technology has helped many cancer patients, especially those suffering from left-sided breast cancer, to lead a quality life post-treatment. Today, Catalysts are utilized for more than surface tracking malignant cells in the breast. Rather, radiation treatment facilities have now adopted the technology to identify and treat a broad range of cancer treatments, recognizing it's potential to enhance patient care.

  • We firmly believe that this technology is on its way to becoming the standard of care. That means the large majority of radiation therapy clinics will soon adopt this technology into their workflow

With the company always committed on improving accuracy, faster delivery, and easier integration with its partner’s treatment systems, a complete solution is available for healthcare establishments to provide the best care to their patients. Its global service organization, C-RAD Services, provides rapid and professional installation, training and support services worldwide, and this adds to one of the many reasons why C-RAD is the preferred choice for its partners and cancer therapy centres across the world.
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Tim Thurn, CEO , C-RAD

C-RAD is an SGRT solutions provider, ensuring high precision, safety, and efficiency in radiation therapy, aiming to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. Its cutting-edge medical technologies help radiation therapy centres in high precision patient positioning, intrafraction motion management, and respiratory gating.