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CareCloud: A Comprehensive Platform for Healthcare

Ken Comée, CEO, CareCloudKen Comée, CEO, CareCloud
Today, we are in a space where several technological disruptions have radically changed the functionality of every business. As technological innovation continues to evolve, modern companies are taking advantage of this situation to replace the existing status quo of their organization and garner more fruitful results in businesses. In this mix, we have the healthcare industry where technology innovation is giving new impetus to bolster existing processes of the medical field at an alarming speed. For instance, technology is permitting physicians to augment the efficiencies of all operations starting from clinical trials, patient registration, data monitoring to self-care tools. Additionally, the proliferation of smartphones and tablets are slowly replacing the conventional control, and recording systems and people are now given the option of having a full consultation in their homes. These advancements are creating an era where physicians can communicate and treat patients with user-friendly accessible devices.

Helping these cause and working to take the industry to all new level is CareCloud, a Miami based firm that is bringing unprecedented changes in the healthcare space by leveraging industry’s most robust and flexible cloud-based technology. Through adhering with the company’s mission, “redefining healthcare with modern cloud-based solutions,” the firm offers cutting-edge and market-proven solutions to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare practices. CareCloud renders a 360-degree cloud-based platform to aid medical groups in improving efficiency in clinical, financial, and operational processes. The firm’s robust business model and cloud-based software enable its clients to leapfrog ahead of industry changes like MACRA or ICD-10.

“Our whole reason for being is to give physicians technology that helps their practices grow and that they love to use, so being named a FrontRunner based on what our customers have to say about our product usability is especially gratifying and meaningful to us,” says Ken Comée, CEO of CareCloud.

An Exemplary App Platform for Healthcare

The firm enables its clients to build innovative and scalable apps promptly through its stringent, healthcare-specific, and viable APIs. Here, companies get a consolidated ecosystem to navigate partners and ecosystem including apps, services, specialty solutions, clinical connections, platform partners and open integrations. While building apps, customers can feasibly tap into the AWS platform in a secured and seamless manner.

Overview of Solutions

The firm offers a repertoire of solutions to augment the existing capabilities of healthcare space. For instance, the firm’s revenue cycle management solution— CareCloud Concierge—removes the hectic payment collections job and enables physicians to focus more on serving patients. This advanced RPM and real-time analytics along with a specialized back-office team would allow companies to supplement profitability, eradicate the plague administrative burdens and continuously withstand in the market race.

Further, Concierge customers get comprehensive access to CareCloud’s viable EHR, practice management, and patient experience that enable its clients to streamline their routine tasks. The platform management system brings the pertinent impetus to accelerate the revenue cycle and cash flow with intuitive medical billing software.

Next, the firm enables healthcare institutes to improve productivity through eradicating the daily routine tasks with another proprietary offering—CareCloud Central. This offering brings forth robust and real-time analytics by delivering customizable reports and dashboards. Central comes with a drag-and-drop online patient appointment scheduling that enables companies to book and confirm appointments across disparate locations and promptly check the visits of patients. The platform also sends automated reminders to patients for reducing the number of absentees. In a nutshell, with Central healthcare institutes get a comprehensive platform to overview patients’ demographics, insurance details, and account histories. As everything is confined to a single platform, it reduces the paperwork and enables concerned teams to be more efficient.

Our whole reason for being is to give physicians technology that helps their practices grow and that they love to use, so being named a FrontRunner based on what our customers have to say about our product usability is especially gratifying and meaningful to us

Further, the firm offers EHR software that embeds with CareCloud Central and practices management system to bring forth a comprehensive clinical, administrative and financial solution for its clients. The software comes with configurable templates and integrated chatbots to aid healthcare institutes to improve their daily tasks to render more efficient and effective patient care. Charts, real-time office flow, intelligent task management, and rapid charting embeds comprehensively into CareCloud’s practice management solution that enables companies to reduce IT requirements, streamline billing, and supplement ROI. Charts also have an integrated patient portal for improving engagement with clients and allowing them to architect their care plan. “Through our modern cloud platform, we’re able to deliver an effective EHR solution that is easy to use in even the most complex situations, and we’ll continue evolving Charts to support our customers’ initiatives to deliver high quality, high-value care to their patients,” mentions Comée. Apart from simplifying clinical handoffs, CareCloud also features patient engagement and clinical reporting tools to augment the capabilities of physicians and help them drive better patient outcomes.

The Go-to Company for Solving Problems in Hand

Over the years, the firm has played an exemplary role in aiding the needs of many of its clients with its pool of cutting-edge solutions. In one instance, a firm named Universal Dermatology was facing issues in cash flow owing to its an unresponsive billing service and existing healthcare IT systems which were slowly becoming obsolete. To this end, Universal Dermatology sought to have a system that could give viable, intuitive interface and help them in having comprehensive visibility into accounts, billing, and revenue performance and further assist them in creating customized reports and dashboards. After deploying CareCloud, the cash flow improved radically as now payments were coming directly into practice every single day. The time to submit claims also reduced significantly with the practice now having revenue realization rate of 93 percent. With more financial control and comprehensive visibility, the client was able to detect the existing issues and prevent the ones that may occur in the future. Sara Pione, Practice Manager of CareCloud, reads, “The most important result of moving to CareCloud is that we have taken control of our practice.”

In another instance, Rockingham’s was not getting the desired ROI owing to its legacy client-server based practice management (PM) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. Amidst these situations, the firm was looking for a trusted RCM partner who could help them in eliminating the tedious administrative load primarily around billing. Their current PM and EHR had a disparate log in channels which increased the waiting times of patients and inefficiency in the production volume of staffs. Further, owing to the presence of in-house servers, the Rockingham team couldn’t access the systems outside the office premises which made it challenging to complete critical tasks in real time. After associating with CareCloud, the client experienced a massive gain in patients’ volume. Through deploying the CareCloud platform, Rockingham now schedules, documents, and bills more than 700 patient visits per month in a very potent manner.

Recently, the firm developed a suite of new features in its another proprietary offering— Breeze— to supplement the experiences of patients further. In the latest Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) annual meeting, the firm showcased the enhancements of the Breeze platform to thousands of physician practice business leaders. “We’re proud that Breeze has become an essential part of how a practice engages with patients inside and outside their time at the office,” states Comée. “We’re excited to put cutting-edge capabilities in the practice’s hands that will give them more transparency and insight to identify areas of opportunity to deliver an excellent patient experience — and to make it extremely easy for them to act on those opportunities in real-time,” extols the industry veteran. The new additions in the Breeze will enable physicians to tailor the platform more profoundly and serve their patients in a better way.

Over the years, the firm has continually evolved in the space and has been a receipt of many awards and accolades. One among Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies, the firm’s rise has been exponential and imperative in shaping the healthcare market, and the firm envisions doing the same in the future.