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CareStream Health: A Glimpse into a Paperless Hospital

Kevin J. Hobert, CEO, carestream healthKevin J. Hobert, CEO, carestream health
The increasing number of patents contributed every year towards the healthcare sector stands as a testament to the fact that technology is an inevitable part of the industry. A study by the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare portrays that Digitization—the ongoing shift from manual records to its digital counterparts—can save up to $6.7 billion a year, for healthcare providers. Carestream caters to this exact need and has its forte in radiology and dental imaging and healthcare IT.

Medical diagnostics always came at a cost of burdening expenses, the risks of radiation and having to put up with the time consuming process of a diagnosis. Carestream addresses these criticalities by delivering a prod¬uct that is designed to work with lesser radiation risks, lower operation costs and a real-time consignment. Unlike other businesses, healthcare is not just about enabling a client and in turn satisfying their customers; here it is the physician and the patient respectively. Carestream has the radiology and healthcare IT expertise to help medical professionals improve patient care while growing physician satisfaction.

A pioneer in the healthcare space, Carestream has been delivering state-of-the-art medical imaging solutions for more than 100 years. The Rochester, NY based diagnostic imaging solutions provider has its reach in over 187 countries and a count of 800 patents to its name, driving innovation in the field of medical imaging. Their flagship product, DRX Detector—the world’s first portable, wireless, versatile flat-panel detector—has been making rounds across hospitals worldwide. St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, Syracuse, N.Y, experienced a 46 percent increase in imaging workflow and a reduction by 27 percent in staffing, when it replaced the conventional imaging process with Carestream’s digital machines in 2002. “We provide solutions designed to help our customers move from film and paper to an all-digital workflow within imaging,” says Kevin J. Hobert, CEO, Carestream Health.

‘Carestream Vita CR Systems’ is a complete end-to-end tool which targets the small-to-midsize hospitals, clinics and practices presenting compact, affordable, yet high quality digital radiography equipments. It comes with a customizable, easy-to-setup and intuitive interface, which acquires medical images and processes them for diagnosis and reporting and optionally for printing. The ‘Cone beam CT (CBCT)’ is a range of extremity orthopedic imaging products that capture low-dose, high-quality CT images for dental, ENT, or orthopedic medicine.

We are changing the landscape of healthcare for future generations through solutions that dramatically improve the quality and cost of care

In another case, Eka Hospital, Indonesia required that their existing Radiology Information System (RIS) — a tool that enabled them to share medical records electronically—be integrated with Carestream’s Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). This was accomplished in a seamless fashion owing to Carestream PACS’ flexibility.

Employees at Carestream, always embrace a personal commitment to deliver the best customer experience through constant and regular customer interactions. Carestream employees are devoted to the process mantra— “When you succeed, we succeed”. The management believes that a CEO should be capable of driving significant process and product improvements.

Hobert states, “At Carestream, we are constantly building the value of our business through a passionate, customer-driven global team. We are changing the landscape of healthcare for future generations through solutions that dramatically improve the quality and cost of care,” “People say that the dangerous item in a hospital is the pen”, Hobert notes. With that, an evolving trend towards the digital exchange of information and certainly towards digital imaging is just around the corner. There will come a time when healthcare goes digital and Carestream will be at every important milestone of that journey.