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Casamba: Technology Solutions for Post-Acute Care

Billie Nutter, President, CasambaBillie Nutter, President, Casamba
The post-acute care (PAC) continuum of the healthcare sector has faced a myriad of challenges. “While an expanding patient population provides favorable tailwinds shifting the healthcare focus toward less expensive settings, the site of care is changing. Occupancy rates in skilled nursing facilities have reached a low average of 81 percent. Many seniors are receiving care through home health services, outpatient, or assisted living locations, causing the industry to rethink how we provide a more patient-centric approach,” explains Billie Nutter, president of Casamba.

The compounding issues of fragmented data, regulatory shifts in the reimbursement ecosystem, and market consolidation and diversification, make this a particularly interesting time for the market. These hurdles have propelled the PAC providers to avail products and applications that would allow them to enhance the quality of their services. The changing regulations in the value-based care segment further compel these organizations to seek evidence-based practice workflows and compliance to maintain strong reimbursement.

California-based Casamba appropriately addresses all these needs of PAC providers with its practice management and full-service electronic medical record (EMR) software. The company offers an end-to-end solution for providers in skilled nursing facilities, outpatient, hospice, and home health segment, to streamline their workflows, enhance patient engagement, complete electronic documentation, and be compliant with the regulations. “Delivering value to patients must be the overarching goal for healthcare delivery and that value is defined by the health outcomes that our customers can achieve,” says Nutter.

The healthcare sector is witnessing a shift toward the less expensive post-acute care ecosystem due to an increase in the world’s aging population, and Casamba’s advanced solutions are aligned with these trends.

Having worked in the healthcare industry for a significant amount of time, Nutter and her team understand the challenges that care providers face, thus delivering an apt solution to address them.

The team at Casamba is passionate about the healthcare industry as it continues to deliver capable technology solutions to PAC providers. One of the recent initiatives in this direction is integrating the full post-acute care service line— skilled, outpatient, and home care—on to one platform. Further, the single sign-on feature allows the users to use all the PAC services at once.

Apart from simplifying the clinical and operational workflows of its clients, the company also allows them to comply with healthcare regulations. Casamba works closely with the governing agencies that introduce the regulatory changes in healthcare. “We not only understand the changes introduced, but also analyze how they can impact the operational workflow of our clients, subsequently provisioning these changes with our offerings to help them be compliant,” says Nutter. The company also brings revenue cycle management support to aid healthcare providers in monitoring their revenue and eliminating internal costs, while scaling their infrastructure.

Casamba has augmented the features of its PAC technology solution to align with the healthcare market in order to offer less expensive and cost-effective solutions to its clients. The company works hand-in-hand with its strategic partners to optimize the clients’ operational workflows and enhance their payment and document processing systems.

Casamba has completed the development of its latest business analytics tool for skilled nursing and is about to introduce it for outpatient and home health services. “Healthcare decisions of the future will be informed by insights from powerful real-time predictive analytics,” says Nutter. Casamba’s focus is to interface its services with an integrated health information exchange platform to facilitate enhanced data sharing between EMRs. The company’s vision to integrate various EMRs comes as an initiative to improve the decision-making capabilities of clients. The Casamba team is also working on a new product to increase user efficiency and improve the data documentation EMRs.