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Caserta Concepts: Converting Data into Usable Business Intelligence

Joe Caserta, President , Caserta ConceptsJoe Caserta, President , Caserta Concepts
With the increasing use of electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical devices (IoT), data analytics has become an essential part of the healthcare industry,” begins Joe Caserta, President of Caserta Concepts. As the healthcare industry requires increasingly effective data solutions, organizations need a data strategy that puts quality and accuracy first. To solve these challenges, Caserta Concepts, an award-winning, technology innovation consulting and implementation firm, delivers strategic, tailored and comprehensive data solutions that support healthcare providers and payers with complete and precise longitudinal patient data to help predict outcomes.

Healthcare providers are realizing that strategic data analytics solutions are becoming mandtory as healthcare reform pushes for a more efficient and transparent approach to improving patient health with a growing calls for accountability. Caserta Concepts, with its team of healthcare data analytics experts, offer unrivalled experience in designing, planning and implementing high performance data solutions that enable healthcare organizations to use, exploit, and in some cases, monitze data more effectively.

Establishing a platform to analyze patient data and make it easily accessible allows healthcare organizations to leverage information for better clinical and operational decisions. Data scientists are using analytics to help identify and reduce re-admissions and reoccurrence of chronic conditions.

Caserta’s services help healthcare organizations strategically leverage data analytics to improve patient care and clinical performance as well as comply with regulatory mandates. Caserta Concepts’ data solutions often combine unstructured data with existing enterprise system data resulting in world-class data analytics with the use of emerging Big Data technologies.“The quality of our staff and their ability to come up with innovative solutions to highly complex problems using emerging technologies is what makes us unique and valuable to our partners and clients,” states Caserta.

Healthcare organizations cannot afford to make expensive data strategy mistakes–having the right people using the right tools on the right data at the right time to produce the right results have never been more vital than in the healthcare industry. Caserta Concepts specialists build in-stream quality assurance checkpoints into their designs, and work with their healthcare clients to learn how to best use the data to achieve strategic goals.

Caserta Concepts’ services often include helping organizations transform the existing legacy data warehouse environment into a modern data ecosytem to satisfy new demands including data governance, data cataloging, exploration, data blending and data science on machine generated unstructured data. “We are creating new and exciting concepts and methods to leverage technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Python and NoSQL databases for data integration,” says Caserta.

The company is fuelled by its Caserta Innovation Lab (CIL), pioneering ideas for project accelerators. “Among other projects, we’ve built a data quality subsystem that tests data and reacts systematically on data defects in-stream. We also have a Search based BI solution so instead of creating reports manually, clients can search for their data in a Google type search bar and instantly see results graphically. A current lab project includes Graph database technology that will help our clients navigate social relationships,” continued Caserta.

We combine strategic management consulting with deep technical expertise to provide our customers with a roadmap to overcome today’s challenges while laying the foundation for future innovation

For the road ahead, Caserta Concepts will consistently increase its consulting services practice to keep up with demand and continue to help healthcare organizations with the evolution of their data strategies to improve the health of their patients. “We will continue to provide enhanced services to the heathcare industry using both proven and innovative methods to build integrated analytics platforms for the holistic benefit of the healthcare community,” concludes Caserta.