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Saskia Biskup, Managing Director, CeGatSaskia Biskup, Managing Director, CeGat
With the rapid advances in genomic techniques, genetic testing and analyses have become essential in the clinical practice and research segment. Infact, in the last decade, a major stride has been made to unravel underlying mechanisms of genetic-related disorders, setting new landmarks in the genetic history. Additionally, genetic diagnosis methodologies have become extensively accessible and feasible, allowing the availability of personalized treatments and medicines to patients and driving new horizons in human healthcare. However, researchers and pharmaceutical companies often struggle in finding the best-suited partner that can answer all their complex genetic questions.

Enter CeGat, the genetic experts, offering genetic analyses for clinical trials and medical innovation to ensure that the right treatment reaches the right patient. Founded in 2009, the company has been assisting doctors and patients find the genetic causes of rare diseases, with a special focus on oncology.

CeGat enables targeted treatment for cancer to cater to the needs of each patient with different kinds of tumours. With its extensive experience in genetic testing, they have devised next-level diagnostic tools that help identify every possible therapeutically relevant change in a tumour. CeGat has optimized target enrichment and complement by sequencing on NovaSeq6000. Besides, by utilizing next-generation sequencing technology, the team analyzes a panel of 766 tumour-associated genes and selected therapy fusions in 31 genes. The variations in these genes impact tumour pathogenesis, progression and metastasis.

Concerning the immunotherapies, CeGat determines tumour mutational burden and microsatellite instability.

Additionally, CeGat brings to the fore personalized cancer vaccines that assist in identifying neoantigens. CeGat’s CancerNeo offers the insights required for the design of vaccines that include analysis of a patient’s tumour exome data, which detects tumour-specific mutations and predicts neoepitopes, the targets for tumour elimination. Not only has the company excelled in cancer therapies, but has made a significant contribution in fighting the pandemic. CeGat’s Corona Diagnostics offers three fast, high-quality tests that allow easy detection of active and past SARS-CoV-2 infections.

CeGat is backed by highly qualified individuals with expertise and skills that ensure the optimal solution for specific client needs. Moreover, the team is extremely motivated and committed to translating the latest research into reallife and practical applications for research and medicine, one of the most reliable sequencing technologies.

As genetic experts, CeGat realizes the vitality of itswork and its impact on society. To keep up to this, the team focuses immensely on transparent work methodologies, honest communication and discretion concerning the data. Throughout the processes, each customer receives advice or suggestions from a science or medicine expert to better understand the solutions that match their needs best. Moreover, the regular exchange enables them to tailor the procedure and adapt to emerging circumstances as and when required.

CeGat is backed by highly qualified individuals with expertise and skills that ensure the optimal solution for specific client needs.

With a long journey in this space, CeGat has successfully coped with the rapid technology advancement that is constantly enhancing the potential of genetic analyses. The company not only invests in highly qualified employees but in up-to-date equipment as well to improve the sequencing quality and data analysis with the most advanced pipelines and technologies. Further, the company incorporates automation into their processes and workflows to guarantee consistency in quality, as well as save time and costs. However, despite the focus on automation, CeGat always prioritizes human expertise to be an integral aspect in this space that ensures the best analysis and evaluation of genetic testing results.
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Saskia Biskup, Managing Director, CeGat

CeGat is a world leader in gene analyses for a wide range of medical, research and pharmaceutical applications