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Brent Shafer, Chairman & CEO, CernerBrent Shafer, Chairman & CEO, Cerner
"We’re in the middle of a phenomenal phase in the healthcare industry, where healthcare expectations and standards are shifting,” begins Brent Shafer, Chairman, and CEO of Cerner. The industry is shifting from reactive sick care to proactive health management, efficiency, safety, and from the prize for volume to quality. This is an era where health providers, employers, and consumers are moving forward towards better healthy community or workplace. Cerner stays true to its name ‘to discern’. It offers communities and patients an end-to-end robust solutions and services focused on enhancing healthcare. Cerner believes that what they do doesn’t just impact healthcare – but the world too.

Cerner offers a thorough suite of analytic solutions, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and take actions to improve health and care depending upon their organizations’ specific needs and goals. HealthIntent, their population health management platform, pinpoints gaps in care, and helps individuals to engage in their health. It enables organizations to connect data —clinical and claims data, wellness, lab, and biometric data, to create a thorough health record for each member in the organization. The connected data gives an insight into the health of the entire population. A customized, strategic plan is delivered by Cerner’s experienced consultants to help meet organizations health goals. With their health and wellness portal, employers can encourage employees for a sustainable healthy change, positive health outcomes, and other milestones. Their experienced physicians or trainers encourage and follow-up with members in their healthcare journey and also help in eliminating any hurdles in receiving the necessary treatment. With their On-site health Center and On-site pharmacy, members get exposed to a wide range of healthcare services and affordable prescriptions at any given hour.

In addition, health providers are also focusing on serving the patients to better healthcare in the communities they serve and managing the business of care. With the company Cerner leveraging decades of experience and continuous innovations, health organizations, amidst Cerner’s solutions can save time and money, improve patients experience, improve quality of life, and also enable regulatory compliance. Health organizations with this comprehensive health management are able to drive improved clinical, operational, and financial outcomes, and manage populations health— one person at a time.

Cerner Community is a proven health IT partner that helps organizations to be prepared for what the communities need now based on health and plan for what is next. The company Cerner has enabled rural healthcare systems to have access to varied resources to accomplish their tasks and also keep up with the continuously changing healthcare landscape.

Cerner’s client portfolio ranges from industry-leading accountable care organizations, to top academic research institutions, and critical access community hospitals providing quality rural care. Some clients are multistate health systems, and others one-doc practices. One of their clients, Christiana Care offers quick virtual healthcare visits with Cerner’s solutions, providing patients convenient access while avoiding the waiting room. Cerner’s On-site health Center helps Toyota employees to save money on healthcare while becoming healthier and more productive. MU Healthcare is able to reduce unnecessary blood transfusions with clinical decision support aided by Cerner. At Lafayette General Medical Center in Louisiana, with Cerner’s technology and data analysis help were able to cut time to respond and complete inter-department patient transport requests by 60 percent, while also streamlining the patient discharge process.

“Our mission is to relentlessly seek breakthrough innovation to disrupt the healthcare industry and transform the way healthcare is delivered,” states Brent. Cerner has encouraged many innovators and application developers to develop an app as an upcoming challenge; as forethought to bring in the app in future for high-quality delivery of care and improved patient experience. “Forging ahead, we will continue to bring in new innovations powered by new technologies to benefit the health and well-being of the populations,” concludes Brent.