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CHAMPS Oncology: Maximizing the Potential of Cancer Registries to the Fullest

Karen Schmidt, Associate Vice President, CHAMPS OncologyKaren Schmidt, Associate Vice President, CHAMPS Oncology
Today, a majority of cancer care providers rely on inpatient data, but lack the means to mine outpatient data. Subsequently, their decisions stem from information that excludes critical insights such as the accuracy of treatment, patient migration to other healthcare providers and statistics that identify the need for installing specific medical equipment. This is where analytical capabilities can help them unlock the value of outpatient data and operating efficiently. To that end, CHAMPS Oncology applies its 40+ years of experience in cancer data aggregation and analytics to solve the problems faced by C-suite executives of hospitals.

CHAMPS Oncology offers its cloud-based analytics system to hospitals who want to utilize their cancer registry data. Toni Hare, RHIT, CTR, vice president of CHAMPS Oncology says, “We maximize a hospital’s cancer registry database to its full potential.” Karen Schmidt, CTR, associate vice president at CHAMPS Oncology adds, “CHAMPS Oncology leverages a rich data set, presents it to decision-makers and educates them about its significance in transforming cancer care services.” The firm follows the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) standard data set and populates its own data warehouse. CHAMPS Oncology also collaborates with hospital IT divisions to collect data and streamline their processes. While CHAMPS Oncology initiates the process of deep data collection from different sources like clients’ cancer registry data, the company also cleans and validates data. With its platform, insight2oncology®, the company can unearth the meaning behind the data and render a complete facility profile. CHAMPS Oncology can determine patient migration trends and leverage patient navigation trends to determine data points such as disease sites, treatment gaps and equipment utilization. In one of the instances, CHAMPS Oncology uncovered and proved how a hospital’s breast cancer volumes were impacted by hiring a patient navigator.

By using CHAMPS Oncology’s Analytics as a Service (AaaS) system, clients can access facility data and check insights in real time.

Toni Hare, Vice President, CHAMPS OncologyToni Hare, Vice President, CHAMPS Oncology
With its proven approach in transforming data into insights, CHAMPS Oncology acts as a bridge and allows cancer registries to be strategically tied with the cancer program to facilitate the information exchange between physicians and administrators. This subsequently helps when optimizing the financial impact of project management, running data-driven improvement initiatives, evaluating treatment guidelines, acquiring patients and executing retention strategies.

CHAMPS Oncology leverages a rich data set, presents it to decision-makers and educates them about its significance in transforming cancer care services

As CHAMPS Oncology adheres to their collaboration-friendly approach and data-driven strategy, they help numerous healthcare providers harness the potential of their data and transform their cancer care services. For instance, a hospital—part of a major healthcare system in a small community—was serving a specific population. Through analytics, CHAMPS Oncology deduced that their patients were residing in a remote place and were facing difficulties reaching the hospital to receive radiation therapy. CHAMPS Oncology aggregated data points for the demographic such as ZIP code, cancer sites of patients, as well as referral pattern and patients untreated, and compared these information sets with state-level cancer data. The insights and information were uploaded to the client’s system. Eventually, the hospital management decided to open a radiation therapy center within the community to serve them.

Embracing innovation and developing customer-centric solutions, the leadership of the company is open to new ideas that can add value to the existing data and processes. CHAMPS Oncology started its journey by offering descriptive analytics that could zero in on the prevalent problems. They have come a long way from that now and are still working toward their vision of empowering their clients with the power of predictive analytics.