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Alex Hejnosz, Chief strategy Officer & Co-Founder, CipherHealthAlex Hejnosz, Chief strategy Officer & Co-Founder, CipherHealth
There is a new buzzword in the healthcare space-- ‘Patient Engagement’. It is touted as the indispensable strategy to accomplish the “triple aim” of healthcare—improving patient experience, advancing population health and reducing costs. Various booths at trade shows are advertising it, vendors are wondering how to deliver it, and every practice is aware of the need for it. Huge integrated health systems need consistent and standardized yet customized patient engagement solutions for better outcomes. Broadly, it is a set of tools, actions, and processes that enables patients and providers to make superior decisions. One of the well-known players in this space is CipherHealth, a firm delivering a single integrated platform “for all things patient, clinician and care coordination.”

The product of nine years of evolution, CipherHealth, today provides one, flexible technology platform for superior engagement and care coordination across the care continuum. The motive of the company is to eradicate the patient’s pain points when receiving care through better communication. The firm focuses on layering the data from ‘disparate EMR’ systems, thereby, allowing communication regardless of the delivery. “We want to ensure a seamless experience for patients by helping care providers deliver the right communication at the right time,” asserts Alex Hejnosz, Co- Founder, CipherHealth.

CipherHealth’s integrated patient engagement platform, which includes top-performing patient outreach and digital rounding solutions as ranked by KLAS, is proven to improve patient safety, enhance care transition management, reduce avoidable readmissions, and improve staff workflows across the entirety of the care continuum.

“We focus on filling the largest gap and tackling the problem through our communication platform based on a health system’s need. It could be through text messages, digital rounding, emails or capturing information from patients directly,” says Hejnosz. One of CipherHealth’s most popular programs helps to improve the post-discharge follow up process. Organizations utilizing this solution deliver information or ask questions to the patient via text or call during the critical 30-day post-discharge period. Some follow-up programs even span 90 or 180 days after the patient’s visit for continued support during care transitions. Patients are asked a series of questions related to their condition. If the patient is at all struggling to follow his or her instructions or indicates a concern, the program connects the patient to the appropriate resources for additional support. “We have witnessed numerous positive outcomes. By reducing readmissions, improving patient care, and lowering care cost, our solutions have led to more effective, stronger, and happier interactions between patients and providers,” states Hejnosz.

We are ensuring a kind of unified experience for patients where they can get the right communication at the right time

To illustrate the success of patient engagement and communication, Hejnosz cites a case study wherein a health system in Colorado used a combination of secure care recordings and post-discharge follow-up calls. The health system wanted to solve a few problems which included ensuring patients understood how to take their medications, focusing on age gaps, and providing information on time to patients at the point of discharge. Upon partnering with CipherHealth, the system saw positive results. The system saw an 11 percent increase in post-discharge engagement, a 59 percent decrease in questions about medications, and seven percent increase in the Overall Hospital Rating HCAHPS domain. Through the program, patients were more engaged with their healthcare providers and better satisfied.

With all the learnings collated over the years, CipherHealth now aims to design advanced patient engagement programs for organizations that they have recently partnered with and will focus on all kinds of communication. “Our focal point is anything operating within that world of patient communication and engagement, and we are really excited about the direction that we are going to take it in,” concludes Hejnosz.

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Alex Hejnosz, Chief strategy Officer & Co-Founder and Jake Pyles, CEO, CipherHealth

CipherHealth is the premier patient engagement company enabling superior communication and care coordination across the healthcare continuum. As a proven healthcare technology partner, our suite of integrated solutions empower care providers to achieve the Quadruple Aim by reducing preventable readmissions, increasing CAHPS scores, improving labor utilization, and fostering patient and clinician engagement. We are a team of passionate innovators with a mission to improve patient outcomes and experiences