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CIRACET: Seamless Healthcare Information Exchange

Oscar Misla Villalba, President & CEO, CIRACETOscar Misla Villalba, President & CEO, CIRACET
The amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies is a boon for healthcare institutions helping them to be relevant, futuristic, and ahead of the competition. Healthcare providers are starting to realize they need to pull up their socks and keep pace with the latest trends to ensure their businesses sail smoothly. However, healthcare providers are marred by technological changes that deter them from consistently staying ahead of industry peers. “We aim to assist providers from across the globe in the areas of planning, analysis, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of healthcare concerns by effective adoption of best-of-breed technology,” mentions Oscar Misla-Villalba, President, CIRACET. The Puerto Rico-based organization is known for assisting healthcare providers with healthcare technology consulting and an array of services. Since its inception, the organization has strived to engineer tools that can be utilized to accomplish enhanced patient care, improved healthcare facilities operations, and cost-effectiveness.

One of CIRACET’s biggest triumphs is enabling seamless healthcare information exchange among various providers; a challenge which was not addressed for years—effective continuity of care from one provider to another. The company has also helped resolve data migration challenges when the status of an individual changes from ‘in-patient’ to ‘out-patient’. Bridging data and the various elements of the healthcare ecosystem such as physicians, hospitals, clinics, and patients has been key to ensure seamless information exchange.

CIRACET’s flagship product suite, which comprises PC3 (Patient Centered Care and Collaboration Platform) and CAMS (CIRACET Asset Management System), has propelled the company ahead of industry peers in the healthcare realm. Shedding light on these unique products, Misla- Villalba states that the motive behind the development of these tools was to optimize traditional, important routine healthcare functions that were predominantly disparate and insulated from other related systems. While PC3 is a cloud-based collaboration platform that unifies healthcare providers, enabling data exchange in an interactive, secure, and real-time manner, CAMS is an enhanced replication of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). The latter is an integration platform that enables the creation of work orders, scheduling service requests, and medical assets inventory management.

The organization’s finesse of being a trusted assistant of healthcare providers has earned it several accolades such as the Minority Technology Firm of the Year by the Minority Business Development Agency and Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017. Back in 2006, the firm was awarded the Health Care Sector Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

Noris Torres, CIRACETNoris Torres, CIRACET
The Microsoft Azure Cloud-Based PC3 collaboration platform designed to connect systems using national interoperability standards, in addition to any available format available, helps providers upload and download information, facilitates sharing relevant information from EHRs, keeps all care stakeholders’ systems updated with the latest patient information and empowers healthcare executives to make accurate strategies. Although Ambulatory Service Centers (ASCs) have been utilizing exclusive patient engagement tools to bridge physicians with insurers and patients, uploading and updating health records frequently have been hurdles. Misla-Villalba mentions there have been numerous instances of insurance companies failing to view or retrieve useful information from such tools. PC3 has been effective in resolving various such challenges by linking ambulatory services with insurance company portals and consolidating real-time information.

CIRACET aims to assist providers from across the globe in the areas of planning, analysis, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of healthcare concerns through effective adoption of best-of-breed technology

CIRACET’s recent collaboration with Triple-S, an affiliate of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association in Puerto Rico is a fine example that sheds light on the capabilities of PC3. Fernando Mora, Advisor STARS, Quality & Business Innovation at Triple-S, recalls the recent experience working with CIRACET to improve information exchange with healthcare institutions like hospitals and radiology centers. “One of the most important assets of the application set that CIRACET has is that it is a collaboration and engagement platform that can connect with the providers and then consolidate this data in a meaningful way,” says Mora.

According to Misla-Villalba, the inception of CIRACET’s innovation center, a couple of years ago, was one of the organization’s noteworthy milestones. The initiative also spurred the birth of PC3, the product responsible for its current profound visibility. In the next 18 months, team CIRACET aims to elevate the capabilities of PC3 to empower insurance firms and patients by facilitating better interaction. In a way, the company is striving towards, and has partly succeeded, in the development of a clinical social network. The organization has also transcended beyond Puerto Rico and is making waves across Latin American regions such as Chile, the Caribbean, and Panama as well. “The bigger picture is to contribute toward the development of a better healthcare realm by utilizing the best-of-breed technology and sophisticated systems,’’ concludes Misla-Villalba.