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Clear Arch Health: Improving Health Outcomes through RPM

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By and large, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many early-stage technological innovations across sectors to scale new heights. In the healthcare domain, telemedicine and remote patient monitoring (RPM) have been the two most pragmatic shifts from novelty to necessity. What further drove these care delivery models to their expansion was the proliferation of supporting technologies like IoT and remote toolkits. With the ability to effectively monitor patients with chronic illnesses—or even home-isolated COVID-19 patients—it is safe to say that remote healthcare solutions are here to stay and will continue to have a far-reaching impact on access to care and improved outcomes for chronically ill patients.

One company emerging as a leader in remote healthcare solutions is Clear Arch Health (a division of MobileHelp®), a healthcare technology solution provider. The company works with healthcare providers, hospitals, payers, and medical groups to help them manage vulernable populations with chronic conditions using a variety of telehealth solutions, including RPM. The company’s scalable and flexible platform provides the opportunity for healthcare organizations to design a program that fits their goals. In addition to RPM, the Clear Arch Health platform also offers integrated personal emergency response system (PERS) and social determinants of health (SDoH) solutions that can be enabled for patients on the same device, depending on program needs.

The goal is to empower healthcare professionals with meaningful patient insights, via access to tools, data, and other resources, for making timely intervention and informed patient care decisions.

Clear Arch Health connected care solutions work in coordination with patient care plans to deliver data-driven insights while also uncovering “coachable moments” which create opportunities for engagement and empower the patient to improve their level of self-care. For example, a patient with a history of congestive heart failure, may show weight data increasing rapidly outside of the parameters set by their physician. This would trigger an alert providing the opportunity for a clinician to intervene and coach the patient with possible solutions. This may prevent an ER visit and coach the patient to stay on track in the future.

Today, such RPM features are also coming with multi-pronged benefits for patients as well as care providers and payers.

Our solutions offer payers, health systems, or medical groups with the appropriate technology for their RPM program. The Clear Arch Health clinical monitoring software solutions support telehealth applications including video consultation paired with informative patient-generated health data

On the one hand, patients with chronic health problems are finally reaping the advantage of reduced hospital visits and better care at home; on the other, some care providers are appreciating the recent mandate by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that qualify RPM for reimbursement under CPT codes 99457 and 99458. These aspects are increasing the adoption of RPM programs and promoting innovation in the delivery of remote care.

To this end, when a new care provider approaches Clear Arch Health, the company holds an extensive planning session to understand their program goals and patient requirements, including target population, type of illness, and more. Clear Arch Health then sets up specific clinical pathways depending on the type of illness and offers connected health kits required to monitor those conditions. “Our solutions offer care providers the latest RPM technology, including video consultation paired with informative patient-generated health data,” mentions Chris A. Otto, Senior Vice President of the company.

Clear Arch Health also manages all product logistics for its clients and ships RPM kits directly to the patients. A single new patient can be enrolled in the RPM program but the company also supports bulk enrollment and can onboard 100 patients at a time. Upon onboarding, the company delivers the specified connected kit directly to the patient’s doorstep. A quick-start guide comes in handy and walks the patient through their first experience while using the connected health kit. The Clear Arch Health technical support team is swift with an outbound welcome call to the patient to answer any questions they may have. Upon completing the program, patients can return the devices and disenroll from the program without much hassle.

Clear Arch Health is now planning to launch more business initiatives in the next quarter. In that pursuit, Clear Arch Health has already partnered with another firm to provide EMR support to its clients. In doing so, the company is aiming to reduce barriers to provider adoption and accelerate the use of RPM solutions. In addition, the company is also preparing to launch another program aimed at providing clinical triage services. Besides monitoring, this new capability will allow them to triage the patients and alert care providers before acute deterioration.

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Clear Arch Health

Clear Arch Health

Boca Raton, FL

Chris A. Otto, Senior Vice President , Clear Arch Health

Clear Arch Health is a personal and enterprise healthcare technology solution provider that is offering innovative telemedicine and telehealth offerings. The company works with healthcare providers, hospitals, payers, and medical groups to help them manage population health using a variety of solutions, including RPM. By providing connected health kits to patients suffering from chronic illnesses, Clear Arch Health monitors their vital signs and helps provider groups to manage large patient populations