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ClearDATA: Transforming Healthcare Industry by Removing Technological Barriers

Darin Brannan,  President, CEO &  Co-Founder, ClearDATADarin Brannan, President, CEO & Co-Founder, ClearDATA
Healthcare industry is developing at a rapid pace with huge investments in big data, powerful predictive analytics, IoT and 3D printing. These technological advancements are expected to create a major impact on services offered by the industry. However, healthcare leaders are facing the daunting challenge of supporting new clinical initiatives, information security, and disparate systems integration while managing an aging infrastructure, tight budgets, and a constantly evolving regulatory landscape. “It’s challenging for the healthcare industry to stay compliant with the various regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH and Meaningful Use,” says Darin Brannan, President, CEO and Co-Founder, ClearDATA. Addressing this situation, ClearDATA—a provider of healthcare cloud computing and information security services empowers healthcare organizations to stay compliant while adopting new healthcare technologies. The company’s HIPAA compliant cloud platform combines advanced cloud technology, information security, on-demand scalability, and performance, without having to build, upgrade, and maintain the existing platform.

ClearDATA’s HealthDATA cloud platform captures data from a multitude of source and securely stores them to facilitate protected sharing. HealthDATA’s advanced Protected Health Information (PHI) significantly safeguards patients’ data, reducing the risk of loss or breach. Additionally, ClearDATA also offers a suite of HIPAA compliant cloud computing solutions that enables health care organizations to fully automate, protect, and securely manage medical records, applications, IT infrastructure and digital storage. ClearDATA also extends the option of disaster recovery (DR), where each DR plan is crafted according to precise requirements for recovery time objectives, recovery point objectives, and budget. These DR plans offer high-availability, real-time replication in hot site to keep the clients’ system running, avoiding downtime. The company’s cloud infrastructure safeguards both HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements for secure and automated movement of data to a private cloud storage environment. “We use advanced intrusion monitoring, protection and data encryption for data in motion and at rest,” asserts Brannan.

For the healthcare organizations struggling to adopt effective BYOD strategies due to data breaches resulting from lost or stolen portable devices, ClearDATA provides the enhancement of virtual desktop infrastructure, (VDI). The company’s VDI keeps the patient data in a secured and centralized manner for easy accessibility without allowing data storage on any device.The company’s security suite enables health organizations to adopt cloud platform without the risk of security breach. This suite provides enhanced security powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence to protect data against threats across all vectors. “All operating system vulnerabilities are remediated immediately by ClearDATA,” says Brannan.

We offer a suite of HIPAA compliant cloud computing solutions that enables healthcare organizations to automate, protect, and securely manage medical data

ClearDATA’s state-of-the-art cloud-based infrastructure and expert services team solves the healthcare organizations’ issues through feasible security and compliance solutions. For instance, Photon Medical Communications—a provider of innovative technologies to overcome patient information and communication gaps was successfully moved to ClearDATA’s platform for swift performance. The firm required a robust infrastructure to host its solution for simplified information access, while maintaining the highest standards of HIPAA compliance. “On approaching us, we drove Photon solutions by transferring large volumes of patient information and images on computers and mobile devices, as well as by supporting secure messaging,” says Brannan. As a result, Photon has experienced zero downtime through assured security and performance.

ClearDATA's upward trajectory mirrors the health IT cloud's rapid market dominance. Security breaches, HIPAA and compliance regulations, and data are amassing at levels that quickly outgrow the average existing health IT infrastructure. As a step ahead, ClearDATA has recently made a huge investment to fuel the growth of healthcare IT cloud computing in the market. “This new funding will further accelerate our momentum in the healthcare cloud market,” concludes Brannan.