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CleveMed: Innovative Home Monitoring Solutions for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Hani Kayyali, President, CleveMedHani Kayyali, President, CleveMed
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a chronic disease that can lead to stroke, heart failure, diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Sleep apnea was conventionally diagnosed in a sleep center and patients were asked to sleep in an unknown environment in the presence of specialists to interpret their breathing disorder. Overcrowded sleep labs and patient resistance to sleep outside of their homes make the whole situation both physically and economically taxing. Cleveland, OH based, CleveMed offers innovative home monitoring solutions for sleep apnea patients. The company’s cloud-based solution streamlines the physician’s practice workflow, provides data management, and offers access to sleep medicine specialty care for patients as well as hospital departments. “We help patients to get tested from the comfort of their home in a cost-effective manner,” begins Hani Kayyali, Presidentat CleveMed.

CleveMed has developed a comprehensive Home Sleep Testing (HST) monitor and associated clinical and logistical services. The device is called SleepView; it is a small and light 8–channel device, ergonomically designed for patients to perform an easy sleep test in the home instead of the sleep lab. The monitor has built-in lighting indicator that allows patients to self-administer the proper connection while testing. The device also comes with additional sensors to show whether the captured data is worth analyzing. “This kind of easy but high quality home use device simplifies the workflow and reduces the overall cost of the process,” shares Kayyali. CleveMed also offers SleepView web portal which allows easy scheduling, data uploading and results downloading options that harmonize the entire home testing process. CleveMed’s SleepView web portal brings patients and physicians together. On one side, this web portal gives physicians online access to sleep test’s raw data, scoring, interpretation with treatment recommendations; on the other, it provides patients a platform for follow-up discussions.

CleveMed is constantly developing their technology with the guidance and support from the National Institute of Health. CleveMed’s products are sold nationally and internationally with sustained growth over the past 3 years. In addition to innovation and high quality technology, reasons for CleveMed’s growth include excellent customer support that assists end users in a wide range of issues from technical to disease awareness to linking customers with accreditation organizations to facilitate reimbursement. The company’s wide array of sleep products and web-based solutions meet the guidelines of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

We continue to upgrade our products and services to improve access to sleep apnea care and to curtail overall medical costs

“Large to mid-size medical centers are looking forward to integrate their remote patient monitoring systems with their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) especially for patients with chronic diseases such as OSA,” expresses Kayyali. Nevertheless, due to the initial installation and cloud integration, costs are hindering many healthcare providers from such initiatives. CleveMed’s cloud based patient monitoring system can facilitate the integration with EMR to help healthcare providers store, link, analyze, and retrieve the patient related data according to treatment, compliance, and insurance requirements. Being a staunch believer in innovation, Kayyali says, “We are a “Connector Company”; we aim to connect healthcare groups with sleep specialty providers to improve access to diagnosis and enhance health outcomes for patients.”

CleveMed’s future is chartered to develop more and more innovative solutions and etch a mark in the healthcare domain by focusing on their technology and services. The company has developed technologies not only for initial sleep apnea diagnosis but for therapy follow-up procedures and applications, which are becoming more important for many healthcare initiatives. Commenting on the future of the company, Kayyali says, “We continue to upgrade our existing products and services to improve access to sleep apnea care and to curtail overall medical costs,” concludes Kayyali on a progressive note.