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The famous CGH Medical Center in Northern Illinois has been running its acute care facility since 1909. Recently, the organization opted for a content overhaul of their website, on realizing that its old content and interface was unappealing to the healthcare consumers. Despite a previous attempt for the same, the lack of SEO update did not yield CGH an expected result.

However, unlike the last instance, this time, CGH chose Coffey Communications for transforming their website. As a leading, full-service healthcare marketing firm, developing strategies, producing content, and delivering creative services since 1987, Coffey Communications took up the task of executing content overhaul at CGH. Having begun with an extensive content audit of its client’s website, the Coffey team found enormous scope for combining pages and eliminating redundant content. The team started focusing on the minute details of its client’s website. For example, it suggested the CGH team to merge their website’s listing heads from two separate sections titled “Treatments” and “Other services”, to one, and label it as “Services.” This transformation triggered massive a positive response from the website visitors; in fact, the client witnessed a 1,817 percent increase in organic traffic in the “Services” page. Also, the addition of new content sparked a significant increase in the website’s overall traffic.

The aforementioned customer success story is just a glimpse of Coffey Communications’ proficiency in connecting the three dots—the healthcare providers, their services, and the people. For decades, the company has served various domains of healthcare—from large health systems to standalone healthcare clinics—with services and solutions that would streamline website redesigning, content management system (CMS), initiate direct mail, social media communication, and more.

With Alan Coffey at the helm as the CEO, Coffey Communications takes pride in its ability to retain more than 40 clients for over a decade. Coffey Communications’ comprehensive marketing solutions have played a significant role in this aspect. From building a brand experience to initiating patient acquisition, working on data-driven decisions to developing service line marketing, Coffey Communications has provided its clients with hoards of marketing solutions whose benefits have ultimately reflected on their ROI. The cherry on top: all the solutions developed by Coffey Communications are customized according to the specific requirements of every client.

Besides, Coffey Communications’ seamless operation has also ensured its long-term attachment with its clients. Started with planning, Coffey Communications is by the side of its clients throughout the implementation and post-implementation phases. In fact, the Washington-based company strategizes the implementation of marketing campaigns across various platforms—from digital to print. Coffey Communications ensures that the clients abide by HIPAA-compliant printing and mailing facilities, and Section 508.

In addition to these solutions and services, Coffey Communications’ in-depth digital content library also enriches the services that the healthcare organizations deliver. Various articles, infographics, videos, and quizzes presented in the library act as a treasure of knowledge for the clients.

Throughout its history, Coffey Communications has evolved with one mission: to communicate health and healthcare information for the enrichment of people’s lives. Even today, the company is sustaining the same value with the help of its efficient, creative, and seasoned team of professionals and its client-centric, collaborative, and forward-thinking attitude. Recently, Coffey Communications and its clients have earned 18 honors in the 21st annual spring Digital Health Awards.

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Coffey Communications

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Alan Coffey, CEO , Coffey Communications

Coffey Communications is a pioneering provider of content marketing for healthcare marketing firm with deep industry expertise. The company helps hospitals, health insurance, and health systems companies grow their brands, their reach, and their impact. Coffey Communications are innovators, continually scanning the future healthcare landscape to give its clients the right solutions to meet their marketing goals. It offers both custom and syndicated print marketing solutions for hospitals and health plans. Coffey Communications' designs are innovative, and its content is carefully sourced and rigorously checked. The Coffey team is known for expertise, timeliness, and integrity, offering complete support, appropriate for seasoned professionals and marketing novices alike